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Are you missing Jesus?
Don’t miss Jesus, seek his assistance.

With God we are complete. He is our everything. Without him we are NOTHING! And apart from him we can’t do nothing.

John 15:5ย (NIV)

5ย โ€œI am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit;ย apart from me you can do nothing.

PLEASE I beg of you…don’t miss Jesus! He’s coming soon and he wants you to be save and to obtain everlasting life. He loves you unconditionally!


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Seek him and you shall find him โค

Love you guys! xxoo until then be blessed and remain in the strength of the Lord. ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

Spiral Elements

Blessed Good Evening to all! It’s raining on de islands today. All glory to God for his magnificent works ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

Guys before I go into the details of this NEW piece, I have a confession.ย 

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Don’t worry it’s not a bad one or anything.ย 

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Many of you may not have known apart from my blogging, I’m constantly involved in both acting and singing for the Lord and seeing that my schedule at this time of year is booked with numerous performances I won’t be updating the blog that much-,ย 

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Uhhhh I wasn’t finish yet…anyways as I was saying I won’t be posting that much due to my busy schedule. The day that will be of availability is the first and last Saturday of each month. On those Saturdays, I’ll be posting at least three times to make up for my prolong absence. I love Jesus and at the ending of the day I don’t mind making sacrifices for his honor and glory and for the outreach of lost souls to be found by his endless love. He gave up everything for us, so I’m going to give him my ALL!ย 

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Oh, thank you very much whoever you are. Hope you all can comprehend as this stranger does LOL! Be Blessed and thank you for the continued support! At the ending of it all, its not about me but JESUS.ย 

Let’s check out this new piece shall we!


I really loved how this piece turned out due to utilizing all the beautiful colors. This method is produced by adding the paints in water, as they intermingle with each other. Secondly, I merely place my special paper into the water in downward motion as the colors rapidly latches unto the surface,creating a somewhat spiraling pattern. It at least takes 10-20 minutes to completely dry.

Colors utilized:- Blue neon, orange, green and red. ย 


P.S- You guys won’t believe what type of paints I use to create these AWE-MAZING arts! The secret shall be revealed soon…until then keep guessing…!ย 

Flame On

Blessed Good Morning from ze beautiful twin Republicย of Trinidadย and Tobago! This is the day that the Lord has made, let us REJOICE (like myself :D) and be GLAD in it! It’s MONDAYYY! WOOHOO! And guess what? Another art has arrived hehehe!

This one derives from my Flame Collection. Don’t worry this flame is contagious not cautious! LOL! It’s the Holy Ghost FIRE! WOOO!ย 


Colors utilized:- Yellow and red.ย 

If you guys look closely at this piece you’ll see a woman holding a pot/jar and a camel! I swear God just revealed that to me haha! If you notice the same…drop em comments below! WOOHOO!ย 


Galaxial Night meets Flaming Sunrise

Hi, all! This my official FIRST art post here and why not start it off with my favorite piece from the collection! ALL art pieces are inspired by God! Now, to be honest, I wasn’t thinking about night nor day when I was producing this piece but after mixing and matching the colors concurrently…WALA! There it was! All glory to God for making this picturesque piece!ย 

Colors utilized for the galaxy:- Blue neon and pink.

Colors utilized for sunrise:- Red and yellow.ย 

Galaxial nigh meets flaming sunrise