Introducing Art Fails! #ArtFail1

No artist is perfect…well I know am not a perfect one. I don’t always paint a perfect piece. Nope…not always. But I do enjoy making artistic fails! It just encourages me to create better and more astounding art through one of my many GOD given talents. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sooooooo….sit back, relax and let THE ART FAILS BEGINNNNNNNNNN!ย 

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You better be!

Meet your judges…

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Hi Tammy what are you going to be doing for us today?
Me:- Live painting.
Mel B: Sounds interesting. Let’s see aye!
Me: Oh yeah…sure…but first let me show you the actual art piece am going to be doing for you all tonight.
Heidi: Okay.
Simon watches on expressionlessly.ย 

Me: You guys are gonna love this!
The sheet falls to the ground….Me: TADA!ย 


Crowd gasps!ย 

Mel B: Uhhhh…

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Simon: What is that?
Me: Art. Oh and it’s alias…Beauty amidst the Storm.

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Me: …..
Simon: There’s no way I see beauty in that.
Me: But-,
Buzzers goes off…

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Mel B: Sorry darling but your art failed. NEXT!ย 

Related imageDon’t worry it’s a laughing emoji GIF! LOL! ย 

Thanks for stopping by until then! Byes! God bless! xxoo! Much love โค
If you were entertained…drop em comments below! Okay am off to go sleep now bye!ย 

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Quote 4

GOD is in control. No matter what LIES the enemy may try to plant in our minds to make us as believers and followers of Jesus Christ to think contrary. Don’t allow the enemy suggestions to supersede! At the ending of the day, God got our back and he MOREOVER has the power to defeat Satan anyday, anytime and of course any and everywhere. I mean come on…your’e gonna let an old serpent like him steal your joy, when you know ย the KING of kings and LORD of lords got you 24/7? Ha!ย 

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Let’s put on the FULL armor of God and fight the the good fight!ย 

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Abide in him and he shall abide in you. We are victors! Aren’t we? โคย 

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Blue Rush

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*Yawn* Goodnight all…it’s still the last Saturday of the month right?ย 

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Yes I am but let’s get right into this new piece shall we? Yes?…Ok great!ย 

In the producing of this art, I wanted it to turn out like my first art that I posted when the site first opened. That’s Galaxial Night meets the Flaming Sunrise. If you haven’t seen it yet……….WELL GO CHECK IT OUT!!!!! LOL!!!ย 

Any-who’s…as I was saying I wanted to create a similar piece like it but, it came out quite differently and rather beautiful. I mostly dashed my paint brush roughly, which gave it that rushing effect…or merely made it looked like a hurried painting โคwhich I love!ย 

Colors utilized:- Blue neon and pink.ย 


If you guys look carefully you’ll see this one was created on pink paper! LOL! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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