Blue Rush

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*Yawn* Goodnight all…it’s still the last Saturday of the month right? 

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Yes I am but let’s get right into this new piece shall we? Yes?…Ok great! 

In the producing of this art, I wanted it to turn out like my first art that I posted when the site first opened. That’s Galaxial Night meets the Flaming Sunrise. If you haven’t seen it yet……….WELL GO CHECK IT OUT!!!!! LOL!!! 

Any-who’s…as I was saying I wanted to create a similar piece like it but, it came out quite differently and rather beautiful. I mostly dashed my paint brush roughly, which gave it that rushing effect…or merely made it looked like a hurried painting ❤which I love! 

Colors utilized:- Blue neon and pink. 


If you guys look carefully you’ll see this one was created on pink paper! LOL! 😉


Image result for yawning clipart gif

4 thoughts on “Blue Rush

  1. Genius using the pink paper for this one, question friend what led you to experimenting with a different color paper, your approach on this one is something amazing, my goodness blue neon is one beautiful color Indeed

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    1. Haha! Thanks much again Cory, I truly appreciate you man! Well, at that time I ran out of my special firm paper that I usually use for all my artwork, so henceforth pink paper was all I had remain and decided to give a try and well, there you have it! Yeah, I really love using Blue neon as you can see lol! 😁😁😁

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