Galaxial _________way?

Previously on Brina’s Art Corner…..

Is the galaxy melting?

Image result for terrified gif

Brina’s expression…..

Image result for terrified gif

                                       Me,(more like, OH! THAT’S ARTISTIC!) LOL!!! 😀


Welcome back one and all to my niece’s WORLD OF EXTRAORDINARY ART! Its been a while….. 😀 she’s extremely busy with school and hasn’t produced anything since…and well, I’ve been busy with the Lord’s work. You can say we have taken a little break from artistry for the while,but don’t worry we have enough pieces to cover upcoming posts! Bless God for that! 🙂 




Its actually running by the way 🙂 This piece derives from her Galaxy/Universal/Outer Space Collection! She really loves space ❤ and would love to visit it one day ❤ 

Colors utilized:- Barracuda, Dark purple, Neon heat and Yellow.
Art Technique:- Water Intermingle/dip and pull. 

brina's art6

I marvel at the Lord’s creation through this ❤ I ❤ his Grandeur so much ❤




Image result for bye gif



What’s with the circles? 

Related image

Me… 😀

Image result for right gif

Brina’s expression lol 😀 


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