100 Questions Tag…51-60

51)  Is the glass half empty or half full?

Wait what? I don’t get this question at all!

Image result for uhh gif

Since there isn’t a glass near me, I’m guessing its empty…Yes? 

52) What’s the farthest away place you’ve been?

To my fridge! 😀 LOLZZZZZ! 

Image result for are you for real gif

No am not lol… 😀 ….OK all jokes aside, the furthest place I’ve been to is South Trinidad. My older sister held a huge beach party there when we were much younger though 😀 …I think the name of the beach was Sea Walls. I remembered it like yesterday, the sun was beaming, the sand was white, the waters were transparent and warm and there was that grand river jutting out into the sea! ❤ 

Related image

53) Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

Most of my footwear doesn’t consist of laces (we call it lasons here on de island lol pronounced as lay-sons) but I do have one sneaker and of course after wearing it, I untie it…I mean obviously…HAHA!   

Related image

How my sneaker looks…somewhat LOL! 

54) What’s your favorite radio station?


55) Are you allergic to anything?

Yes! To some sort of yellow and black beetle, that almost killed me when I was a teenager! Thank you Lord for saving my life ❤ 

Related image

56) Were you named after anyone?

No…I don’t think so 🙂 

57) Do you wear glasses/contacts?

Yeah I do but they are not tested ones though! 

Image result for leopard print half print nerd frames

There she is LOL! 😀

58) Have you ever walked out of a movie theater before the film was over?

None that I  know of……

59) What’s your least favorite school subject?

OH MY GOODNESS!!! MATHS!!!!! I failed it approximately THREE TIMES!!! But Jesus never fails! ❤ 

60) Put your iTunes library on shuffle. What song comes up?

More like my YouTube playlist! LOL! The song that came up was Gitta Dan Jah Come Lead the Way ❤ he was a local gospel artiste from my island and sadly he went to meet the Lord a month ago! 😦  


17 thoughts on “100 Questions Tag…51-60

      1. Ohhhhhh of course there are tons of mango trees here, there’s coconut, soursop, cherries, hugplums, mammyapples, five finger or star fruit, pompseetay, bananas, plantains, avocado, tambrind, pawpaws, cheernets, pineapples and so much moreeeee!!!!


    1. Hehehee!!!! YES! I truly do 😀 haha! I think the reason why I laugh so much is because of Jesus and where he has brought me from to where I am now! He’s my joy! Don’t let being an adult get best of you! Smile and Laugh! You’re ALIVE AND BLESSED BY GOD! HEHEHE!!! ❤ Xx


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