Tis Christmas without you…

tis christmas


Lost in the snow,

In the thick covered streets a lonely soul roams



Terribly shaken,

My heart completely broken

Lost to a woman,

Replacement receipt already token

By the new hands of her new spouse,

Moreover I see it as stolen


No more kisses under the mistletoe,

No more making creative snow angels

In the cold white snow,

No more hugs nor cuddles in the night

No more I love yous and goodbyes,

No more β€œEverything is going to be alright” with those vibrant smiles

Here I walk home

All alone,

On Christmas day

I wish I could turn back around the hands of time,


To apologize for the times I made you cried

Didn’t know you felt so lost inside,

Oh how I tried and I tried

To renew that moment when we danced down the aisle,

Rings tied

It only brings more death to both my heart and memory,



Slowly I’m dying without you

This couldn’t be a better gift to be surprised with,

More snow


I drift and drift,

These wounds cuts my heart

Very, very swift,

The image of your green eyes

I dearly miss,

Disappeared in a thick cloud of mist

I continued to drift,

No more happiness

It’s time to dismiss,

This is too much to bear

Oh how much I wish u were here,


I sing to u a Merry Christmas

And cheers to me trying to make it into another year,

Without you

Forever in despair!!Β 



Written by,
Tameika George.




39 thoughts on “Tis Christmas without you…

    1. Lol it surely is lol….oh but this poem wasn’t based on me by the way…I know this time of the year many husbands may have lost their wives and vice versa for wives as well, so that’s where my inspiration came from to construct the entire moral or concept of the poem!

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Awww so sorry to hear that 😦 I didn’t cause no harm didn’t I? May God continue to give you the continual strength, comfort and peace in Jesus Name! Thanks much and you’re welcome! Take care of yourself ❀


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