Graphic Dezign #3

Ok, so before I showcase this dezign I wanna clarify one thing! 


Image result for arrow GIF


You will notice that this is placed on most of my dezigns and it has nothing to do with UNGODLY SYMBOLISM NOR HAS NO ASSOCIATION WITH THE PRIDE ARMY! I found it on Google and I fell in love with it and found that it would be pretty cool to use as my logo/trademark for my Graphic Dezigns! Its an artistic background formed by drops of paint OK! If you dislike it…well what can I say…you can simply unfollow my Blog 🙂 I’m sorry to put it that way but I’m just being real… 

Moving unto the premiere of DEZIGN 3! 


Awwwww! LOL! 😀 

36 thoughts on “Graphic Dezign #3

      1. 😂😂😂😂😂 OH MY LORD! now that’s whats up girl.
        In short that’s the cutest guy I’ve seen on WordPress🙌😉😍

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      2. Lol!!!! Because I have been following him on social media for a while!!! Lol!!! I think he’s Muslim too…but I only use him for my Graphic designs and also for my short stories! I just found him really attractive that’s all!

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      3. 😂😂😂😂 AHHH, im crying right now..
        Next you gonna tell me his moms name, the last time he paid his bills😂😂😂, do let me know when he propose to u, I’ll be your maid of honour boo..
        and by the way, he’s name is cute as his face 😍😍😍😂

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      4. 😂😂😂😂 When we get to heavens gate, and they ask who do you bring, we’ll hand him over to them.. Gate pass! 😂😂😂

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