👦👧Little Children Pray!🙏

feed your spirit   

 It’s ok,
Don’t delay
Fold your hands this way,
The Lord is awaiting patiently
To hear what you have to say,
Come on now don’t be shy
It’s ok if you don’t have much to say,
He understands
But it’s important that you pray,
Now bow your head
And slowly close your eyes,
You can start with any line
Go ahead now,
Take your time
“D-d- dear God I thank you for Mommy,
she usually tells me about you daily
I think she loves you more than Daddy,
but then she tells me
Always put you first because without you she would have never met Daddy,
And marry
I don’t know  who I’m talking to,
but I know that you are real
Just like my Mommy,
I love reading the Bible although I don’t really
know what’s going on  so well,
But I know it has something to do with preaching
The Gospel,
Don’t worry you will help me get there
Very soon,
When I’m older and wiser
I thank you for listening to my not so put together
I thank you for blessing my Mommy for teaching me
To say this prayer I share
I love you Jesus,
Amen and Amen. 


Written by,
Tameika George. 
© 2018 (Actually written since 2016 😀 ) 

Hi peeps! Just a little note from the writer herself about the poem above! OK, so basically we all know the importance of prayer right. My mother always told me that PRAYER is a powerful thing and that you must always pray. It’s like a daily Vitamin that each and every one of us must intake. Now children nowadays doesn’t know anything much about praying or applying it to their life’s on a daily, seeing that most of their time, energy and brain is consumed by modern technologies. Now don’t  give me wrong on this one but not all children are like that. There are several homes and parents that are strictly instilled with the principles of the Bible and they make sure that their kids are following that Christ-like path as well, while others out there are struggling to co-operate within that boundary of praying. Parents it’s very, very, very essential that you teach your kids to pray in these end closing days. The devil is real. And he is after your kids very persistently. Please! Teach them how to pray and get them anointed under the blood of Jesus Christ. So basically that’s where I capture my spiritual source of inspiration from. The lack of prayer within homes and among children is very prevalent. We need to get serious people. COME TO JESUS! Stay sweet and continue to love God. Much love from Tammy xoxo! God bless ❤        



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❌🎨#ARTFAIL #3❌🎨

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*sniffs* sure….take it away Mr. Krabs…. 😥😔😪😓😭😫

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Narrator: We are all gathered here to paint our last art piece in ze remembrance of Tammy’s coconut tree…which died after viewing its painted version of itself-,

Me: Please….let’s not go any further into the cause of my beloved fruit tree of five death…please!
Narrator: Well I’m getting painted for this ain’t I? 😏
Me: You mean pay? 😐
Narrator: You know what I mean…
Me: Yes. *sniff* now please…carry on…
Narrator: Sure…Tammy’s tree was 14 years old of leaves and enjoyed her time swaying in the Caribbean breeze🍃☀,just above her owner’s house on de hillside. She was healthy, tanned and carried her kids lightly. She was happy, strong and loved standing one place for photos✨📷….until one day her owner decided to create an art piece for her 15th bday. Chaotic. Mistake. Ever.
Me: If you mention one more w-,
Narrator: Allow me to reveal the painting that mortified Tammy’s. Coconut. Tree.


 Tammy cried as the five babies rolled out her hand and escaped down the hill. 😂

Narrator: May she sway in peace🎑…..what a failed art piece! 😦

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Haha! Thanks for stopping by as always guys 😀 Much love and blessings to you! xxoo. 😂😘
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P.S- My coconut tree is still alive tho…and no the babies haven’t escaped yet! Or should I say picked yet? 😉 😀 LONG LIVE SALLY!!! 💚🌴💚 (that’s her name btw😂) 

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______ Activity?


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To showcase my niece’s art duhhh…and besides who are you and where did you come from? :/ 



Previously on Brina’s Art Corner…..

What’s with the circles? 

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Me… 😀

Image result for right gif

Brina’s expression lol 😀 

If you guessed circles…..then YOU’RE RIGHT! In the procession of this art’s creation Brina didn’t know what to paint soooooo, she decided to drop thick puddles of color unto the art-paper and merely used her index finger and dashed some red around the drops, creating a somewhat artistic frame! Oh, and she also added some glitters. Isn’t she awesome? 😉 


brina's art5

So unique ❤ 

Colors utilized:- Dark red, dark purple and neon heat. 
Art Technique:- Finger painting/paint drops. 
Additional Applicant:- Multicolored glitters. 

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God bless and take care 😀 


So….I heard it exists.

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My reaction haha! 😀 

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Brina’s response….. 😦 



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Well, I only have one back so I’m guessing is mines? 

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Yup… ahaha!!! I’m also back with the flu lol! 

Hello my beautiful babies!!! I’ve missed you guys sooooooooo much lol!! What have you all been up to since my absence from the blogosphere? 

I’m sure you guys enjoyed that post from my bestie the one and only time I allowed her to hack my blog to inform you all about my safe return! She did an awesome job didn’t she? ❤ Trust me I read it over a couple of times and I couldn’t stop laughing lol! Well done Dee ❤ 

Well, to begin with I had a blessed, safe and enjoyable trip. I met a lot of new friends and I hold them dearly to my heart. The food was plentiful and truly delicious indeed ❤ you all know I’m a major foodie lol so, yeah that was good! 

Where did I venture to? 

Mayaro. The beautiful and scenic countryside of de islands.   

Related imageMayaro Beach, Trinidad. 

The drive was very longggggggggg and tiring but worth it in de end ❤ 

Related image Panoramio/Coconut Road Mayaro.
 (Meet Sally my coconut tree ancestors LOL)
This beau is more pretty in reality, trust me! Unfortunately I couldn’t view it the way I wanted to because it was already night when we were driving along Panoramio :/ I strained my eyes out the window but only saw darkness and inhaled the aroma of salt water and maybe seashells lol 😀 

What type of trip was it? 

A camping trip with my church ❤ 

It was actually my FIRST time attending camp with my family in Christ and trust me it was a tremendous blessing ❤ I didn’t sleep on the first night which would have been the Friday because I’m accustomed sleeping with my mommy and my teddy bears 😦 and it was very complicated for me that night to slumber all alone in a strange place I wasn’t just use to yet. 

Yeah, that’s right! I said it! I still sleep with mom and teddy bears and I’m not ashamed at all whatsoever! 

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Every morning we would have morning devotion and sanitation. We read from the book John 14:1-8 and John 15. The theme was JESUS AT THE CENTER OF IT ALL! If we don’t have Jesus at the center of our life’s we won’t be able to function. Its very essential that we put him at the center of it ALL! We need him. We are nothing and apart from him we can do NOTHING. We need to make him our #1 priority and abide in him ALWAYS. 

We had access to the pool, basketball court, tennis court and a really large field where we kept our sports! The color of my team was purple and our apostolic alias was Peter. From the Bible of course aha! It was so much fun and contained a lot of different games! 

After almost 8 years of not being in a pool lol ya girl still ain’t know how to swim and had a panic attack on entering into the pool and had the kids laughed at me outrageously 😦 lolol not realizing the pool was only 3 ft deep! Ahaha!!! 

Related image

I CONSTANTLY held unto the outer walls of the pool while somewhat doing my usual foot paddles haha! 😀 

Our banquet night was on fire! The food was on fire! The modelling contest was on fire! And of course the performance by my god-brother Jaron Nurse was on Holy Ghost fireeeee!!! (I didn’t model tho, just in case you were wondering lol)

To be honest on the last day of my stay there, I really didn’t wanted to return home at all! I’ve grown so much more closer to my family in Christ and also to those who won’t saved! The kids were so nice and I wanna see them ever so often! I must say, I’ve been spiritually revived and also have drawn closer to God after my camping experience. Its been a major blessing and I’m definitely going back again!  



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That’s what happens when you put JESUS AT THE CENTER OF IT ALL 🙂 God bless you all and thank you for your unwavering support and love! I love you all very much! Byes! xxoo ❤ 



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Now its back to liking and leaving humoristic (yeah its not a word but bare with me 😀 )  comments on your blogs! Man….I’ve got a lot of catching up to do! Haha! 

Announcement!: This is a takeover!

*Absentmindedly hums the MI theme song*

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This mission is harder than I originally thought, but I‘m just casually dropping into this blog as if it’s mine.

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Greetings, fellow beings, this is Diana from La Petit Muse so consider this a hostile takeover! MUHAHAHAHA!!

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Erm, guys?

Image result for gif coughing

As I was saying, this is a hostile takeover. I just hijacked Tammy’s blog (Ssh! Don’t inform her!) and changed her password and everything, so she’ll be on the outside looking in. Effective as of now, we’re going to talk about fast cars, Maths, and why we shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day. Come to think about it, why shouldn’t people wear white after Labor Day? Why not black? Or red? Or green? Or even blue? 🤔Seriously, who instituted this so-call fashion rule?

Image result for gif serious face

Ah, just joking. Tammykins is alive and well and she DEMANDED that I log on here just to let you guys know that she is back from her trip (and she’ll share her experience with you hopefully, maybe, I don’t know!), but for now, she needs her rest and she’ll return on Monday God’s willing to catch up with you wonderful guys! She misses you all, but the island gal needs her rest. 

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Okay, I’m out of here. I’m going back to my blog now. Have a blessed and wonderful evening, afternoon or day and don’t forget to smile!

Image result for gif God bless

100 Questions Tag…..71-80

71) Think fast, what do you like right now?

Da music that’s playing on my radio!!!!! Whoop! Whoop! 😀 Let’s dance!!!!! 

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You better keep up now! Cuz this island gal got moves! LOLOL!!! 

72) Are you sarcastic?

Are you sarcastic right now?

Image result for duh gif

HAHAHA! Of course I am….. 

73) What time do you get up?

LATE! I sleep late, I get up late, I eat late, I’m currently writing this blog post late….did I say late? I really need to start working on my punctuality guys!!!! HELP ME 😦 LOL!!! 

74) What was the name of your first pet?

My family’s first pet that is…I can’t remember since most of them ran away :/ can’t believe they didn’t leave their own names behind 😦 hmmm…. 

Image result for sad gif

LOLOL!!!! I kid her name was Minty and she was a dog who loved catching pebbles and mangoes from our tree (which died from a hill fire 😦 ) who ran inside our bedroom from de explosion of fireworks and comforted one when they were sad! SHE WAS THE BEST DOG EVER! I still miss her sometimes :/ oh and she never ran away like ze other pets lol!!!! 

Related imageShe looked somewhat like this…. ❤

75) What color are your sheets?

Definitely not in my fav color :/ (that is pink of course)….hold on lemme go check…..

Image result for 10 hours later gifOh, hey there! Oh haha! Right that question…I totally forgot you man but the color is Thistle (a light shade of purple) with some sort of green plants on it lol!!! 

76) How are you feeling right now?

Energetic, peaceful and hungry 😦 ….. *sighs* ze struggle of a foodie!!! 

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77) What was your favorite food as a child?


Image result for jake the dog gif

Why would you ask that when you know I’m hungry man! 😦 lolzz!!! I don’t think I really had a fav dish as a child tho but I really liked my Dad’s Cowheel soup!!! Its a local cuisine here on de islands ❤ 

Related image

Would you look at that beauty? ❤ isn’t she gorgeous? Think I’m gonna pay my Dad a so long deserved visit! LOLOL!!! 

78) Can you whistle?

More like trying to consume breeze….I tried so hard but always…come on troll take it away…..

Image result for fail clipart gif

79) Do you drink soda?

When I was younger. 

80) Have you read the harry potter series?

NOPE!!! Never did. Never will. 

Image result for yeah right face harry potter gif

Get lost kid lol 😀 LOLOL!!!!

Related image

Oh hey Rufus ❤ he says, “I LOVE YOU!” LOL!! Continue to show him da love guys! ❤ 


Away for some days…

Hi Guys.

A blessed Good Evening to all you lovely flowers 😅😂😂…yeah I’m different!

So I’m gonna make this really brief. I’ll be away from the blogosphere for just a little while due to an upcoming trip! 🙌 I’m so excited and currently feeling drained due to ALL the packing and organizing so on, so forth. Its my first time so bare with me😂😂😂

I’ll be back next week Wednesday and I’ll be leaving this Friday! (Ok I think I just wrote that sentence backwards🙀lol)

So, if you don’t see my name under your blog posts for some days, just know that I’m away, just for some days, and when I’m back everything will be okay! CAUSE TAMMY LOVES PUTTING SMILES ON YOUR LOVELY FACES EVERYDAY. Continue to pray and don’t stray! Now everybody say AYE! AYE! AYE! 🙌🙌🙌…*drops phone because I don’t have a mic* 😂😂😂 I’m sorry I just had to guys!

God bless you and I’ll miss you guys!!! 😩😫😘 byessssss!!!

Much love from Tammy and my coconut tree Sally😂🌴✨ (hey our names rhythm😀😅😅!!! Ok I’m gone! Xxoo 💖💕💖💕



100 Questions Tag…61-70

61) Do you wear jeans or sweatpants more?

Image result for thinking finn gif


I wanna say jeans but then I wanna say sweatpants too! Soooo….what does that leaves you with? :/ ….oh well, I guess its sweat-jeans then… 😀  

62) Where in the world would you like to travel?

More like da whole world! Even to….take it away Buzz…..

Image result for buzz lightyear to infinity and beyond gif

63) Are you traveling anywhere soon?

Yes! Hopefully to my fridge and South….. :/ ….. WOOOO!!!! 

64) Have you ever built an igloo?

Well, I don’t live in Alaska do I? I mean I could try constructing one here on de island but that’ll cause too much $$ to purchase de ice of course….and I’ll just produce a floor pool instead…. 

Related image

65) Best thing at Starbucks?

 Having your name on the cup… 

Image result for starbucks with your name on it

I mean how super popular is that! Oh, sorry wrong order…you’ve got the inaccurate girl… :/ ….well that was nice while it lasted…. 

66) Do you like watching scary movies?

If I was still unsaved I would have said YES! But I’m not bout that life again sooooo….its NO!!! 😀 

67) What’s the best thing about school?

HAVING TO NOT WORK AND DEPENDING ON MY PARENTS!!!!!! HEHEHE!!! (That’s when I attended school tho…sadly em good old days are over lol) 

Image result for sad gif


68) What were you doing at midnight last night?

Writing ❤ 

69) What’s under your bed?

I don’t think you should know that but you wanna know anyway sooo…There’s a lot of stuff below my bed like you know, de usual stuff like cobwebs, spiders, spiders and their babies, dust, woodlice, bugs, empty boxes, shoes, bags, my sister’s keyboard, my piano, my old box game called COMPATIBILITY, my sister’s cosmetologist equipment’s….hmm and one more thing…Oh! haha…of course, the bed-feet and its frames. 

 70) How do you really feel about what you’re doing right now?


Image result for zendaya flips hair gif

 YAS! LOL! ❤