Reblog #2:America is teaching the world nakedness!

Nothing to be proud of but yet again these are the continual signs of the last days!ย 

Congrats Laura! ๐Ÿ˜€

Image result for fireworks clipart gifThis mighty woman of God receives a lot of profound visions direct from The Most High’s Throne-room. Her posts never cease to convict me and stir up my spirit! She’s awesome, you guys really need to check out her blog.ย 


Revelations and Messages 6

6: America is teaching the world nakedness

I was waking up some days ago and went into a trance after many hours of prayer, praise and worship throughout the night. The Lord said to me, โ€œThere will be a bang and a massive earthquake. America will be destroyed, UK will be destroyed.

The Roman Empire will take over again. The world will shrink back to the size it was before Jesus came. I was boggled and was pensive, pondering what I had just heard and the Lord knew I was disturbed and further clarified by saying to me, โ€œ America is teaching the world nakedness.โ€

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