Reblog #2:America is teaching the world nakedness!

Nothing to be proud of but yet again these are the continual signs of the last days!Β 

Congrats Laura! πŸ˜€

Image result for fireworks clipart gifThis mighty woman of God receives a lot of profound visions direct from The Most High’s Throne-room. Her posts never cease to convict me and stir up my spirit! She’s awesome, you guys really need to check out her blog.Β 


Revelations and Messages 6

6: America is teaching the world nakedness

I was waking up some days ago and went into a trance after many hours of prayer, praise and worship throughout the night. The Lord said to me, β€œThere will be a bang and a massive earthquake. America will be destroyed, UK will be destroyed.

The Roman Empire will take over again. The world will shrink back to the size it was before Jesus came. I was boggled and was pensive, pondering what I had just heard and the Lord knew I was disturbed and further clarified by saying to me, β€œ America is teaching the world nakedness.”

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14 thoughts on “Reblog #2:America is teaching the world nakedness!

  1. Our leaders are being judged but they may not know it. The media coming out of America does not reflect the whole truth. Hollywood does not accurately reflect most of the people here. I believe that God is in the process of dismantling the power of the “elite”. I have witnessed my country grow into a land that I do not recognize but it’s changing back. I do not fear the judgment of my Father because the same water that flooded the earth raised Noah to safety.

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