Reblog #9:Carolina Sunset Tonight – Windows From Heaven

And here I end le month of reblogs with the best photography showcasing Heaven from earth through the lens/spiritual eyes of Matthew a man of GOD! My goodness! When I discovered this blog I was left in awe after viewing the gallery. I actually saw Angels shaped out in the clouds! You REALLY need to go check this photogenic blog out! 

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Check out the picturesque sunset here:

I really enjoyed dedicating this month to you beautiful and super talented bloggers! I really wished to reblog more but there’s another month and time for those of you who won’t featured in this round! 😉 don’t worry you are ALL SUPERB AND TERRIFIC writers/bloggers! ❤ 

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Welp, I never like saying good-bye…not even to food LOL! But….ARE YOU GUYS READY FOR THE RETURN OF TAMMY’S EPIC POSTS? 

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                 *meanwhile everybody remained silent for being silence LOL* 

Image result for silence shouting gif

I said ARE YOU READY?!!!!!!! 

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Sweet! Stay tuned for ze return in July! Until then, seek God daily and love endlessly. 

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GIFS used are NOT mines. 



23 thoughts on “Reblog #9:Carolina Sunset Tonight – Windows From Heaven

  1. I also enjoy Matthew’s photos. I check out your new Monday post today too. Looks exciting. I hope it goes well. I, too, like praising the Lord with my whole heart, but He didn’t bless me with rythm ( and apparently I can’t even spell it!) or a good singing voice. I do love to see others enjoying the goodness of God.


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