HAHAHAHA! WOOOOO! I just had to laugh lol! 

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Pay NO attention to that title above okay LOL! 

But…no WAIT! Pay attention to it. I’m really going on a long break away from ze blogging world for JUSTTT two months. I need it. I need to get some serious work done for the kingdom and I believe I need to rest off of writing and spend some more quality time with my family etc. Also my brain needs to readjust and get some new installments/ideas for this blog. 

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I have a few EXCITING ones already for 2019 and I know you all are going to be blessed by it in a very profound and spirit filled way. I’ll still be carrying out the usual categories but they’ll be advancing as well! Alongside with new taglines/logo’s/banners/themes, you name the rest! 😀 

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So I’m writing this early farewell post from early, to just let you guys know! I’ll be stopping by ONLY as a reader/commentator LOL! But there will be no posts from me during the months of Jan-Feb 2019. I’ll be back on March 1st. 

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And if I don’t come back? Well….I’ve retired and gone on a trip to retain our runaway pets! AHAHA! Jussssttt kidding! 😛 

Image result for well that wasn't funny gif

How so? LOL! 

Welp, have a blessed, safe and VICTORIOUS December in Jesus Name and I look forward to seeing you all again in March 2019!!!! (As if I ever seen you in reality before ahaha!) 😥 LOL! But one day…who knows 😉 

Blessings, peace and love!!!!! 

Until then NEVER forget to….




^Of course you know by now that the GIFS are not mines. HAHA! 
^And the closing cover is mines. LOL! 


73 thoughts on “2 MONTH BREAK.

  1. Aww, you’ll be greatly missed dear. 😞 Though, it’s for a great cause. Farewell, & soon return to us!
    I guess I should wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year now….& oh let’s not forget Happy Valentines! Hehe. Cheers. Wish you a successful & productive break. I’m inspired.
    Take care…until March 1st. 🙂💝

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  2. Enjoy your break chica! Sometimes we need to just time away from everything to focus more on what the Lord wants us to do. May God equip you with all the weapons that you need to carry out His work and enjoy all the time that you can with the family. 💙😄

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