Astrdonuts? Yes they exist!


I’ve never tasted seen  space this close before! ❤ Haha! 

• Photo’s via Instagram. 

41 thoughts on “Astrdonuts? Yes they exist!

    1. Hi love, how are you? I missed you too I’m good, just really busy! Well here we are still allowed to go out and buy stuff, etc but not to gather outside as before. I still have to go to work for the company I work with falls under essential.

      God cover and keep you and your family safe in Jesus name. Will check it out soon. Blessings & grace. ❤ love you!

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      1. Hey. I’m good after hearing that you’re okay there and safe ! We’re not allowed to go out. Social distancing is in practice. We’re hoping and praying for the best to happen.
        Blessings 🌸

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      1. My family is doing well. My dad’s sense of humour us very strong and he met the delivery person while wearing a welding mask the other morning😅

        I believe that you’re island well do well during this because of the tropical climate. I’m being told that the warmth of the humidity kills the virus

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      1. I do and am Sister. God knows infinitely more and what is better for me, and where He wants me to be 🙂 I have faith that where I am is His will 🙂 He has never let me down yet! And not only me but He never lets any of us down. We might not see it at the time, we might not even like it at the time but He is always fighting for us, for our better good 🙂 Praise the LORD!!

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