Letter #3

Dear Eternal Bridegroom,Β 

Your are the Creator of all living things! Where would I be without you? I would have been dead already if it won’t for your grace and mercy upon my life that is temporal here but eternal with you on the brighter side! Lord, you have done SO much for me. When I turned to the left to find comforters, behold there was NONE to console me like you do all the time. I thank you for correcting me and I always ask you not to let me get tired of it because, it is good that you do for you love me that’s why you correct me. I love feeling your rich presence and holy fire in my stomach! It’s amazing and I know wherever I go you are ALWAYS there with me. To man in the physical it may appear as if I’m always alone but haha! We laugh at them cause you know and I know that I’m NEVER alone!! Thank you for you love, peace and joy! Thank you for food and clothing! You are so great and GREATLY to be praised! I can write to you a thousands songs but they can never be compared to your greatness! ❀ 

Forever yours,

Tammy GΒ 

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22 thoughts on “Letter #3

  1. Charity, I am so awestruck and amazed. I feel like to comment on such a personal and touching intimacy is to intrude. Let me just stop by long enough to leave a message. Praying for you and your family during these times.
    I have nominated you for the Fix Her Crown Award.
    Please don’t feel obligated to participate.
    I just want to recognize your uplifting encouragements.
    May the Lord bless you! He loves you!

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