Ask Me is back, with a difference.

Hi All,Β 


This category wasn’t abandoned at all that was released last year. I think I only updated it about twice under it’s former banner, I decided to recreate.

From henceforth this will be the new banner:

Encourage Them Thursdays Banner

I was thinking to throw it away but then the Lord was like “No don’t. Instead of directing the questions to you, redirect them to them. The people. The community. Find out what’s on their minds and encourage them by my Word.” So I got excited and said yes that’s an awesome idea! ❀ So it’s back with a huge difference.

So tell me, what’s on your mind? Submit your answer’s in the comment section and I’ll respond to you as He leads. God bless and have a great day, night or evening ahead! Blessings, peace & grace! Byes! ❀ πŸ™‚Β 

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27 thoughts on “Ask Me is back, with a difference.

    1. Oh okay, yeah I heard about that and it’s very heart-wretching to bear, I’ll definitely at that to my prayer list. God is not pleased because an innocent life was lost and He loves all of us and all of us were created by Him. Racism is from the devil. That is not of God. If we as believers have fall into that category, the Spirit of God is not in us and we need deliverance from it. God bless and keep you strong my brother! ❀

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    1. Bless God for it sis, ❀ …hmm I feel you on that one sis, cause it's like mostly on my mind always and it leaves me spiritually depressed most times and I always want to do more for our Father's glorious kingdom. He made the gift of salvation so easy and simple for us to accept. As said in Acts *can't recall the exact verse right now all one must do is call upon His name and they shall be saved *of course along with repenting as well, not forgetting that* what uplifts me is that there are still many that are coming to know Him as Lord & Saviour and this we need to rejoice in more than those who are not. I think we focus on that too much, which is not a bad thing cause it shows that we have a heart as the Lord for His lost sheep's. But He wants us to rejoice also with Him and the angels when that one sinner / sinner's repent. God bless & keep you strong, thanks so much for sharing. Love you! ❀

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  1. What is on my mind is all the people in this world. All my brothers and sisters. When will we as a world turn to the LORD so we can be healed. Praying for love. Praying we see God in every one of our brethren because we were ALL created in His image. Whether someone is saved or not they are my brethren. We are all Gods children whether someone has accepted Jesus or not. I was not always “saved” no one was. We all had to accept Jesus at some point so when someone says well they arent your brethren, I say NOT YET! Not only that but the Bible tells us to love those that hate us, pray for them, help them, and that if we hate God is not in us. LORD help us all seek You.

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    1. Amen && Amen! Well said sis. I agree with you. I call them my brothers and sisters too as well. Cause God created all of us. We all belong to God. He said in Proverbs that both the rich and the poor belongs to Him. So both we who are rich in Jesus and those who are poor without Jesus *spiritually* belongs to God. ❀ thanks a lot for sharing! Love you.

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