Bestie’s Jarred!


I always see my bestie away from seeing my bestie in reality. Be it in an art piece, book, paper towel, nature, food you name it! I tell her that we can never get away from each other. Haha! Hence the reason why here we are featured again this time in food asΒ  dessert in glass jars! Heh! Well Dee, who would have thought we would have made it this far together gurl? πŸ˜› lolol! ❀ 

*Photo via Instagram search*Β 

17 thoughts on “Bestie’s Jarred!

      1. Oh that’s good bro thank you Lord! Roger you need to stand in the power and authority of God and rebuke that lonely spirit. Remember you are NEVER alone! God is with you. God is with you. God. Is. With. You. Lord even right now I rebuke the spirit of loneliness from my brother’s heart, mind, soul and spirit in Jesus name. Father you are with us even to the end of this age and you promised to never leave us NIR forsake us Lord, you didn’t create us to be alone physically but we are never alone spiritually cause you are with us forever! Man, husband, wife is temporal but you are eternal and all that we need. God covered Him right now in Jesus name. Thank you Lord for delivering him in Jesus name Amen!!!! I’m good bro all thanks to Jesus. ❀

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      2. Thank you so much Tammy, I guess I need lots of prayer or something. I pray a lot about this and other things but I seem to have always been lonely so I give up trying at times.

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      3. You’re most welcome dear!!! Don’t give up on anything. God is with you until the end of this age and He will be it His will provide that other mate for you. As seen in the Bible not all were called to be married. Many of us glorify marriage above God. It’s not to be idolized and it’s not all to life. Having Jesus is all to life! ❀ blessings and more peace and strength to you!!! πŸ™‚


      4. Thank you Tammy. I think that because of the problems with my arms (as you can read on my blog) I am meant to be married as I struggle to cook and do things that most people take for granted some nights. I have faith that if I am meant to be married that the Lord will find the right lady for me.


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