Letter #5

Dear Holy God of Israel,

Haha! You make me laugh. Yes you do. I thank you for waking me up again. I fell asleep in your classroom today with the studies surrounding 2 Chronicles 13. Thanks for me teaching me always O holy Rabbi by and through your Spirit that lives in me. I’m always happy to learn something new from your Word of life and righteousness. I love when you lead me and when you talk to me. I know you listen more to me than I to you. But I’m putting that into practice more and it’s amazing. Your voice is lovely. I pray that others hear it too as well and will surrender to the wonderful call you have placed on ALL our life’s for your name sake. Thank you for all the lessons that you are teaching me in this season. May I continue to learn from them and also grow from them as well Father. πŸ™‚ All glory to your name forever! Blessings and honor and glory and power be unto you O holy Lamb of God. Amen. ❀

Yours Forever,

Tameika George

Written on: 25/05/2020.

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