I have not forsaken the Blogosphere!!

Hi my lovely people! Goodnight! How are you all doing? Yes it has been ages since I’ve actually been online and just had to let you know I’m still apart of the community that continues to grow for the Lord’s sake. โค thank you all so much for the continued support. It’s not about me and will always be about God. I did earlier on this year explain my reason for not being active on here due to working full time and trying to find balance etc. I’ve been so busy for the past months with work and spiritual work on the outside for the Lord. It has not been easy and there have been many trials but God continues to help me grow through them all. I am maturing more in my relationship with Him. I bless God for my praying friends and family. I bless God for you guys that has been lifting me up in your prayers whenever He leads you by His Spirit. Thanks a lot. You all are always in my thoughts and prayers as well and I have not forgotten about none of you at all. โค I’m just not active as I used to be before. This season where I am in now is to work outside in the vineyard which represents the job God has placed me in for His purpose. Do continue to keep my family and I in your prayers! It’s always good to return and reconnect with my brothers and sister’s! ๐Ÿ˜€ blessings and more grace to everyone! Byes! โค

Seek God daily and love endlessly โค

19 thoughts on “I have not forsaken the Blogosphere!!

  1. Abba, holy is your name. Thank you my sisyer, Tammy and her family. Tammy heats your voice and comes at your call. Give her your wisdom to know what she needs to do and when to let go. May she rest in you. Thank you for keeping Tammy right where you want her. Thank you for your angels keeping her safe. May she show the glory of God through your son, Jesus! Amen!

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