Previously on Brina’s Art Corner…..

So….I heard it exists.

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My reaction haha! 😀 

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Brina’s response….. 😦 

Well hello strangers, I mean all lol! Welcome back to BRINA’S ART CORNER! WHERE ORDINARY IS EXTRAORDINARY! Or where artistry is….is….oh well never mind, let’s leave the watchwords for another time around, for I am very, very tired right now while writing this episode! 😦

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Its not 3, not 2 but…ONE KINGDOM! Where? In Brina’s fav location the galaxy lol! Her imagination surprises me a lot sometimes! What’s that saying again? Like Aunty like niece? No? Ok then, lol let’s reveal ze art-piece shall we!

This piece derives from Brina’s galaxial collection ❤



Colors utilized:- Dark purple, neon heat, dark red and barracuda.
Art technique:- Water intermingle/ dip and pull.(Brina finger-painted the middle of this piece which she calls the black hole lol)
Additional applicant:- Purple, green and I think sliver glitters 😀

God bless and take care!

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Brina: You know He’s coming right? 

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Brina’s classmates expression… 

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Brina: Get ready!  Time is running out. 




100 Questions Tag…91-100! The finale…😞

91) What are you reading now?

The question which was asked!

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Haha…its The Holy Book of course ❤ 

92) Can you touch your nose with your tongue?

More like mopping the top of my lip!

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Nothing but da truth! LOL! 

93) Can you walk in heels?

But of course! WATCH ME! 

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I can also dance in em too hehe! 😀 

94) How many rings before you answer the phone?

Between 2-3 rings, according to whose calling! If its someone I really wanna talk to I’ll answer right away LOL! 

95) Any new and exciting things you’d like to share?

OH YESSSSS! A LOT actually. I have some exciting trips booked with my church/bestie and upcoming performances,meetings and the list goes on! 

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I LOVE working for Christ! Best. Job. Ever. ❤ 

96) What is most important in life?

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97) What inspires you?

You mean who and that’s JESUS CHRIST! ❤ 

The last three questions are questions that I made up myself to ask myself for myself LOL!  

98) One weird thing about you?

I love playing with the ends of my hair while blankly staring at nothing LOL! 

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99) Favorite flavor of ice-cream? 

I loveeeeeeeeeee Caramel Biscuit & Cream by Häagen-Dazs! YUM! 

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100) Favorite beach on de islands?  

Here in sweet Trinidad and Tobago we have various beaches. I live near several myself and they are all beautiful but my ultimate fav will always be Las Cuevas alongside Columbus Bay ❤ (which I haven’t been to yet lol) 

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Las Cuevas Bay, Trinidad ❤ 


Columbus Bay

Columbus Bay, Trinidad #1 

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Columbus Bay, Trinidad #2 would you look at this beau ❤ 

Welp, that brings us to de end of this epic challenge/tag! I really enjoyed it and hope to do another like this in the near future! Feel free to try it if you want! 😀 thanks much again for recommending Dee ❤ until then stay sweet and…..

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Hey ya’ll!👋Its me Tammy and WELCOME ONE AND ALL TO THE OFFICIAL LAUNCH OFAFRO PRAISE MONDAYZwhere I’ll be sharing some of my favorite African Gospel music every first and last Monday of each month! WHERE ALL MY PEOPLE WHO LOVE AFRICAN MUSIC AT?!!?!! 🎶

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Ah have moves allyuh!!!!! LOL! 😀 💃🎶

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I just love dancing! And I especially LOVEEEEEE how my AFRICAN PEOPLE DANCE, PRAISE AND WORSHIP GOD! YESSSSSSSSS!!!!! ❤ 🔥🔥🔥

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I know this catenewbie wasn’t on my list for this year when I revealed them on new years day but things just happen lol! So my first release is from my all time fav African Gospel artiste Mr. Frank Edwards! Woooooo! 👏

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Frank Edwards. 😎

This young minster of God is on FIRE for Jesus! The Holy Spirit is upon him and his music I tell you! ALL his songs just truly moves upon my heart and  feet! Haha! I love praising and worshiping God! And when I do, I give him my all! Ain’t got no time for no lukewarmness round here! JESUS give his ALL for me on Calvary! So, I’m gonna give him what he truly deserves! You gotta be on FIRE for JESUS church! WOOOOOO!!!!! 💃🔥🔥🔥 

Enjoy and GOD bless you all! ❤

Artiste:- Frank Edwards 
Song:- Under the Canopy. 
Meaning:- God’s endless love, mercy and grace towards us! 



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Reblog #9:Carolina Sunset Tonight – Windows From Heaven

And here I end le month of reblogs with the best photography showcasing Heaven from earth through the lens/spiritual eyes of Matthew a man of GOD! My goodness! When I discovered this blog I was left in awe after viewing the gallery. I actually saw Angels shaped out in the clouds! You REALLY need to go check this photogenic blog out! 

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Check out the picturesque sunset here: windowsfromheaven.org/carolina-sunset-tonight-windows-from-heaven

I really enjoyed dedicating this month to you beautiful and super talented bloggers! I really wished to reblog more but there’s another month and time for those of you who won’t featured in this round! 😉 don’t worry you are ALL SUPERB AND TERRIFIC writers/bloggers! ❤ 

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Welp, I never like saying good-bye…not even to food LOL! But….ARE YOU GUYS READY FOR THE RETURN OF TAMMY’S EPIC POSTS? 

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                 *meanwhile everybody remained silent for being silence LOL* 

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I said ARE YOU READY?!!!!!!! 

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Sweet! Stay tuned for ze return in July! Until then, seek God daily and love endlessly. 

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Reblog #8: Side by Side

Big Congrats to you my brother in Christ Jesus, deriving allllll the way from Africa Emeka! 😀 (I love how your name rhymes with your country lol)  just playing! 

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Ayeeee! VIVA AFRICA! ❤ 

He has a very profound love for Christ and his blog consists of Inspiration, Gospel Music, Biblical Scriptures and many more! Go show him some love my fellow bloggers! You won’t be disappointed 😉 

This post spoke a lot to me as a PROUD FOLLOWER OF JESUS CHRIST and I hope it reaches out to you as well. 


In ancient times, a city with broken walls revealed a defeated people, exposed to danger and shame. That is why the Jews rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem. How? By working side by side, an expression that can well describe Nehemiah 3.

Read more of this post at:


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Reblog #7: Born With A Purpose

We were all born to fulfill one right? Yes! 

Congrats to my Virginia brother in Christ, Lloyd! He’s an awesome author and an even more AWESOME photographer! I loveeeeeeeeeeee his photography and ze beautiful stories he creates/tell through each capture. You guys definitely need to go check his blog out! 

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I believe that we’re all born for a purpose. Each person on planet earth has a work that they were born to do.
Read more of this post at: lloydslensphotographyllc.com/born-with-a-purpose


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Reblog#6:A love so confusing

Yeahhhhh I know right? :/ wait till my fictional French husband hears about this…LOL! 😀 just joking! 

Congrats to my darling Zizy! She’s an amazing author and Mommy. This poem that qualified in my month of reblogs by her is one of my favs from her unique writing collection! Enjoy! 

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When you are awake,
I want you asleep.


        Read more at:

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