Introducing Art Fails! #ArtFail1

No artist is perfect…well I know am not a perfect one. I don’t always paint a perfect piece. Nope…not always. But I do enjoy making artistic fails! It just encourages me to create better and more astounding art through one of my many GOD given talents. πŸ™‚

Sooooooo….sit back, relax and let THE ART FAILS BEGINNNNNNNNNN!Β 

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You better be!

Meet your judges…

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Hi Tammy what are you going to be doing for us today?
Me:- Live painting.
Mel B: Sounds interesting. Let’s see aye!
Me: Oh yeah…sure…but first let me show you the actual art piece am going to be doing for you all tonight.
Heidi: Okay.
Simon watches on expressionlessly.Β 

Me: You guys are gonna love this!
The sheet falls to the ground….Me: TADA!Β 


Crowd gasps!Β 

Mel B: Uhhhh…

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Simon: What is that?
Me: Art. Oh and it’s alias…Beauty amidst the Storm.

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Me: …..
Simon: There’s no way I see beauty in that.
Me: But-,
Buzzers goes off…

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Mel B: Sorry darling but your art failed. NEXT!Β 

Related imageDon’t worry it’s a laughing emoji GIF! LOL! Β 

Thanks for stopping by until then! Byes! God bless! xxoo! Much love ❀
If you were entertained…drop em comments below! Okay am off to go sleep now bye!Β 

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