๐Ÿ‘ผAngel Flightโœˆ


Hola mis amigas! Como estas?ย 
(Translation) Hello my friends! How are you?
P.S– I was searching for the upside-down question mark, but it was no where to be found…so I guess that’s out of the question! Got it? Only smart people will relate to my humorousness and comprehend it haha!!!

Anywho’s…moving on to revealing a new art piece, deriving from my Spiritual collection. And as you can tell by the title its an angel on its way to earth to come bring forth a message to that lost man/woman or maybe even coming to protect him or her and many from unseen dangers from the daily attacker SATAN!ย  I must say, God truly has his way through these paintings! Better put your spiritual eyes on now!ย 


Not one of my original dezigns…just added a few edits here and there and well…lol my logo lol!! Oh, this is not the art piece tho! Sorry guys lol. I’ll be using this and the paintbrush that’s shown in the beginning of this post from now on before and after I release my new art pieces! ๐Ÿ˜€ย 



Colors utilized:- Dark blue and neon heat.
Art technique:- Finger paint.ย 

Q.O. T. D (Question of the day)ย 
Have you ever had a visitation/experience with one of God’s Angels?ย 

God bless and…..

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