Let’s learn art together!

Bonjour Monsieur’s and Mademoiselle’s! 😀 How is everyone today? I pray that all is well in Jesus name! ❤

I’m excited! Why? Cause it’s the release of a new category today! God has blessed me with this idea for a while now. I had already made a former banner but realized it needed a redo! I love going all out for my Savior! I’m a hard worker and I always want to give my best to the Lord for He deserves it! Um, hello HE DIED FOR ME TO LIVE! ❤

So I let the Lord moved by His Holy Ghost through Me and recreated the banner and it came out just the way He wanted it and I couldn’t be more happy & content. 🙂

The title of this new series/ category is…


It’s a humbling way to give back to you my family! I’ll be teaching you how to draw a butterfly with basic step by step instructions, along with other stuff as well; water art, graphical designs, ruler edge art, art design {both for via blog sites/clothing, furniture, cards, logo’s, etc.} Also I’ll be taking art requests, when the series continues to bloom into progression. 🙂 

So, to knick start it off I’ll jump right into the first art review! None of these pieces are mine. They are art I bought 2-3 years ago. The other’s didn’t came with their owner’s signature except for this one which is my FAV out of them all. It’s the biggest piece I have on the wall thus far!

I did a little research on it’s parent. His name is Dawei Lum. I think and he’s from Asia. I believe he’s in his mid twenties and has his own art gallery in Asia. His other pieces are beautiful!


Ahhh! Would you look at that view? Every time I look at it longingly, I see myself in Italy. It has an Italian-ish feel! Correct me if I’m wrong my Italian brothers & sisters!

I love how he captured the mountains, trees, village houses and the water, that seems to move whenever I watch it! The colors are excellent! The flower pots are on point! Just lovely for I LOVE flowers. The pathway was well done and it’s like when God wakes you up from a good night’s rest, you move towards the opened door and give Him thanks before His glorious art pieces for a new day in a new setting, destination, etc!

That’s what I see or feel whenever I watch it longing to see another country one day. It also make’s me miss my real home from this earthly one. Heaven. ❤ 😦 Oh what a day that shall be when I get to see the Creator of the universe face to face! ❤ But for now, must be patient in tribulation and do His will. Well, this review went in deeper than I thought! Oh well! 😀

Don’t know what type of paint was used for this one but they did a great job with Dawei’s help of course! 😉

If you look closer in this second image you’ll noticed a golden shimmery coating that was applied around the flowers in the two main pots on either side of the balcony and on the other wild flowers/plants/rooftops down the pathway on the left and right.


That make’s the art glow/ shine in the daytime when the sun hits it! It looks so radiant and gives it a royal look! As to say “Look! Behold the flowers shines in His glory!” ❤

The frame is gold and has a nice, detailed design on it. It shimmers in the sun as well. The backing for it is weak and I had to use extra tape/glue to strengthen it.

Overall I gave this one 10/10! I love it! Well done Dawei! 

Well that’s it for now! Until then continue to…


¶ ALL art featured in this series does NOT belong to GodInspiredArt but all photo’s of them do.

¶ How much will you rate this piece? 

Brina’s Art Collection 2019.

Blessed Evening to all and I welcome you back to…

Brina's Art Corner!

It’s been a very long while since I’ve updated my niece’s art section due to her being busy with school, thus she has slowed down a lot on this talent but whenever I get inspiration from my Heavenly Father to create new pieces, I call her to the art room as well where she can continue to practice consistently. She produced 3 art pieces that day that I’m about to share with you all now. Be blessed! 🙂

 *You all should know by now that my niece love the galaxy! A LOT! Most of her former art was inspired by that. 😀 

Kooky Munchers (1)My fav part of this one was the “Black Hole” This occurs when a star dies and its matter explodes in space creating a  black hole. She did a pretty good job at it 😉

Kooky Munchers

*I love nature and everything God created in it! ❤ I love flowers too and this piece made me love them more haha! 🙂

Kooky Munchers (2)

*On de islands we don’t experience winter so this was a cold piece I couldn’t let stay out too long in the sun lol! Brina loves the cold and one day wants to experience winter in a foreign land. One question though…isn’t a snowman always cold? 😀 

Kooky Munchers (3)

Kooky Munchers (4)

Kooky Munchers (5)

Art Technique’s:- Dry dart brush painting.

Colors  Utilized:-

•°•Art #1~ Dark blue, black crayons (Black Hole) rose pink, dark purple & baby blue colored pencils (stars) dark purple crayon (milky way wave)

•°• Art #2~ Yellow, orange & green paint.

•°• Art #3~ White, dark blue, black, orange, dark brown, dark green, purple paint.

Extra Applicants:- Glitter glue, light blue glittery eye shadow roller, lavender purple glittered lipstick **yep we used old makeup products I no longer use, in the art pieces from time to time 😉 ** 

Welp, that’s all for now! Blessings, peace & grace. Until then… 


√ ALL art belongs to GodInspiredArt. 



Not me and my fictional French husband own of course heh heh! 😛 

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Oh well departing from ze fiction world now and back to reality…TODAY IS THE DAY WHEN GODINSPIREDART WAS BORNNNNN!!!!! WHOOHOO!!!!! 

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Related image

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Wow! Time sure flies when your writing haha! I can’t believe this blog is ONE year old already and I give The ALMIGHTY all Glory and Honor for its growth and what He’s doing through it and will continue to do in Jesus Name! ❤ 

My bestie Diana from Eccentric Muse always encouraged me to open a blog because she really needed me to be by her side in the blog world….justttttttt kidding! But she would continually advice me to open one and I  was like oh yeah sure I will in the next 3000 centuries to come aha! 

Then one day while creating art at home by myself, The Holy Spirit told me why don’t you open up a site on art. I know it wasn’t me who was giving myself that random idea out of the blue! I remained there like really? That sounds like a good idea. So I obeyed and decided to open out the blog basing it ONLY on art alone, but God had BIGGER plans than that and I believe He isn’t finished yet ❤ 

What God has been showcasing through this blog isn’t about me getting appraisal and recognition and gaining numbers. It’s about Jesus Christ. About reaching the lost and spreading the Gospel around the globe. Yes, I have my fun and humorous side and that I can’t change nor runaway from, but that doesn’t mean I’m not serious about my walk/relationship with Christ. I love making others laugh and be happy 😀 I mean come on I derive from the happiest island in the Caribbean! 😀 

Thus far He’s growing the community of both just and unjust and I’m very happy about that. More souls for the kingdom, the better! ❤ 

I’ve met some wonderful people worldwide and made some very close knitted friendships as well through this blog world and I love you all very much with the Love of Jesus Christ ❤ thanks for the continued love and support! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! 😉

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Any future plans? 

Well God holds the future and I firmly believe that many souls will be won and be comforted through this blog that belongs to Him. That’s why I named it GOD INSPIRED ART. Also lookout for many new categories, art etc. I look forward to producing live videos or maybe opening a YouTube channel where I’ll be sharing my testimonies, singing, dancing, art tutorials, Bible Studies, taking you around de islands and much more, be it God’s will of course 🙂 

Welp, I’m off to go celebrate in my bed now LOLOL! God bless and always remember to…..seek2

ME 4

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^GIFS used are NOT mines. 

Cotton Candy Rain…

Hello all, and no I haven’t given up on my art lol!

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Its been a while now, since I’ve updated this category!

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Yayyyy!!!! 😀




Colors utilized:- Barracuda and Neon heat. 
Art Technique:- Water Intermingle/dip and pull.

Ccr art

When this piece was concluded I couldn’t stop staring at it ❤ it reminds of how God colors our life/skies after life storms and heavy rainfalls ❤ and it also reminded me of cotton candy! Brina really adored this one ❤  

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Related image

Oh, this is Rufus by the way! 🙂 I adopted him from Amazon lol! Let’s welcome him to the Blogosphere!!!!! 😀







Aqua Mist


No work today!!!!! 

So why not blog from my bed like a boss?

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Of course I will 🙂

Nature was on my mind during the production of this piece, like for instance the sea, mist and trees. You can see all three grandeur’s when you stare at the piece longingly. To be honest it wasn’t one of my favorites and was considering of casting it into the ARTFAIL BIN…butttt I guess things always turn around for the better.

Colors utilized:- Green and blue neon or teal? {I really can’t remember the other color}
Art technique:- Paintbrush swirl applicant. 



P.S- The top left of the art got utterly smudged, due to not drying the water out of my brush tolerably. And that orange that you see intertwining with the green? LOL! My brush hair dye decided to run all over that part of the painting that day! LOL! 😀 



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