Well Gooddddddd Afternoon/ Morning/Goodnight to my lovely blog family WORLDWIDEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! It has been a longgggggggg time since I’ve posted something on here! Boyyyyyyy do I have a lot to share but I really can’t do that today as I’m currently on work and decided to say hello to you guys!

Just know I still love the LORD and I still love laughing and encouraging people A LOT! LOLOL! Ha! That will never change! πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’―βœ”

Any who’s I just wanna know how you all are doing?

Before I dismiss myself by myself for myself πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ….I’ll like to leave this word of comfort for your souls….Despite the dark times we are living in just know that GOD’S light cannot be conquered for He is still GOD and the Righteous King over all! These things must come to pass and we ought not to be afraid. May the JOY of the LORD continue to be our strength and yes JESUS is coming back. ❀

Until then continue to..…………

I have not forsaken the Blogosphere!!

Hi my lovely people! Goodnight! How are you all doing? Yes it has been ages since I’ve actually been online and just had to let you know I’m still apart of the community that continues to grow for the Lord’s sake. ❀ thank you all so much for the continued support. It’s not about me and will always be about God. I did earlier on this year explain my reason for not being active on here due to working full time and trying to find balance etc. I’ve been so busy for the past months with work and spiritual work on the outside for the Lord. It has not been easy and there have been many trials but God continues to help me grow through them all. I am maturing more in my relationship with Him. I bless God for my praying friends and family. I bless God for you guys that has been lifting me up in your prayers whenever He leads you by His Spirit. Thanks a lot. You all are always in my thoughts and prayers as well and I have not forgotten about none of you at all. ❀ I’m just not active as I used to be before. This season where I am in now is to work outside in the vineyard which represents the job God has placed me in for His purpose. Do continue to keep my family and I in your prayers! It’s always good to return and reconnect with my brothers and sister’s! πŸ˜€ blessings and more grace to everyone! Byes! ❀

Seek God daily and love endlessly ❀

She’s 3 years old!! Hooray!

Wow! Three years already has this online ministry been birthed and planted by my Father Jesus Christ. All honor and glory goes to God forever! All thanks to Him for using my bestie and sister in Christ to encourage me about it’s opening. ❀ It continues to grow greatly because of the love of Jesus. I bless God for the community’s continual support and encouragement on here! I pray the Lord’s blessing upon you as it is written in the scriptures: The Lord bless you and keep you and cause His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you. The Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace. In Jesus name! Amen. It’s been a great journey thus far and I have no intentions of shutting down until my Father tells me to. I’ll allow Him to do what He will do, what He has already done and what He will continue to do for His glory and for the salvation of His living souls that are His. ❀ Thank you Jesus! I love you! Byes! ❀

Allow me to testify!


Haha! Ohhhhh…. πŸ˜€ I can laugh now because I know my Father will always have the victory! I’m so blessed and happy to make itΒ  to another end of another year ALL because of JESUS CHRIST!!! ❀ This year was a year of growth (spiritually), character development, revelation & restoration.

God taught me A LOT in 2019. Some lessons were easy to comprehend while others were hard to digest. It was the year of breakthrough and breaking as well. I had experience a lot of pain and sadness but it in the end it all worked out for His glory and for my good. I definitely drew closer to Him and will continue to. Despite the pain from the pruning, I must say I saw more sunny days than the dark one’s! I was tested, tried, persecuted, falsely accused all for HIS NAME SAKE.
At the ending of the day I will continue to go through and also grow through these things that cannot be compared to the glory that will rest on me at the end of this race; for it is not about me but about Christ. He is to be glorified. Not me. In looking back at the fire and high waters He has brought me through, I truly see where He has been exalted and glorified.
In the new year ahead, things are going to get worst as the world wines down to her last living hours. It’s fact and we can’t sugar coat this nor hide from it’s reality. Despite what may come, this we know that NOTHING cannot separate us from the love of God. He is STILL building His church and the devil and his abominable agenda of wickedness cannot do NOTHING about the will of God being fulfilled. That’s why each year he’s coming harder at the *TRUE* saints of God for his time is short.
In this let us stand strong in the Lord and the power of His might. Saints, keep on the whole armor, be patient and occupy until the appearing of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! He is coming! Don’t be deceived and stay steadfast in His righteousness.
What’s going to be new to GodInspiredArt&Quotes? Well, I have a lot in mind. New categories are on the way and some were launched this year, while the others which were to be released this year will be up and running in 2020! I will be moving out some categories that I haven’t updated for a while and focusing on the one’s which God wants me to work with the most. I’m thinking of changing the name and also changing the appearance. We’ll see how that goes πŸ˜€ May His will continue to be done where His blog is concerned in Jesus name.
I wanna thank my family on this platform so much for ALL the love, encouragement and support! You all are a BIG blessing to my heart in many ways! I really do wish to meet with if not all of you *I would really like that!!! πŸ˜€ * but some of you in real! Lol! Continue to do what you do for His glory! Blessings & peace!! A blessed and Spirit filled New Year to all! Byes! ❀  Β 



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The reason for my invisibility!


Blessed Evening all! How are you? I pray all is well in Jesus name! I’m alive and fighting the good fight of faith!Β  I’m here to state briefly why I’m not active in reading/commenting on your blogs.

After waiting on the Lord for 2 years for a full time job, about a week and 3 days ago He gave me that breakthrough! All glory to King Jesus forever. It was worth waiting for and within that period of waiting on Him, He was preparing me for it by teaching me a lot of lessons such as patience, contentment, trust, dependency on Him solely and a lot more that He has built up in my spirit man for His glory! Making me gain some spiritual strength that I needed to stand and be who He called me to be within the criteria He has placed me in! Whatever breakthrough you are waiting on the Lord for, don’t give up! Keep praying, keep believing, keep trusting, keep enduring, keep SERVING, keep praising, keep singing, keep worshipping, keep fasting, keep loving Jesus and HE WILL come through for you in HIS timing, not yours. He IS faithful and HE keep His word. Thank you LORD!

So, the reason for my inactivity is because of the job.

I work from Mon-Sat and Sunday is really the only day I have for myself. I see where God is using me in this job to spread His gospel to the lost and He has called me to feed His sheep (His heritage, which are the children) at our Junior Church. I knew God was calling me to do this, due to the visions He had given me a while ago. And I gladly accepted it. So, from now on, I’ll be barely present on the blogosphere, not because I have given up on this part of the ministry call but I believe for this season He has me working in another part of the vineyard, that desperately needs me for His glory! ❀

There are upcoming posts that I have already scheduled from 2-3 months ago, that will upload on the blog on it’s scheduled day.Β 

Thanks for all that kept me in prayer for this breakthrough and who continues to pray and encourage me! Thank you a lot! Do continue to pray for me as I pray for you when the Spirit leads me to. Pray for God’s strength, wisdom, boldness, grace, love and mercy upon me to continue in His will in Jesus name. Love you all in Jesus name. Blessings, grace and peace.

Always remember to….



I’m BACK!….Well not just yet.

Hellooooooo my lovely family and how are you today? πŸ˜€ you guys miss me don’t you? Haha I do too.

And that’s why I’m here to explain real quick why I won’t be returning to the world of blogging…..

Tomorrow.( March 1st) again! Haha you probably got scared there didn’t you? No worries, its all good.

The reason why is that I’ll be leaving for camp with my church tomorrow and also I don’t have a laptop up and running again. It passed away on my break from the blogosphere, sooooo I have to work out a way to get my posts scheduled! Don’t worry its in my Heavenly Father’s hand and He has already worked out a way for His work to be done here, so I’m not worried. I’ll just be returning a lil further down in the month of March or April okay. πŸ™‚

I love you all with the love of Jesus Christ that burns in my soul daily! ❀

All honour, glory and praise to King Jesus! The risen Lamb of God! ❀

I’ll see you guys soon….until then ALWAYS remember to…


HAHAHAHA! WOOOOO! I just had to laugh lol!Β 

Image result for laughing gif

Pay NO attention to that title above okay LOL!Β 

But…no WAIT! Pay attention to it. I’m really going on a long break away from ze blogging world for JUSTTT two months. I need it. I need to get some serious work done for the kingdom and I believe I need to rest off of writing and spend some more quality time with my family etc. Also my brain needs to readjust and get some new installments/ideas for this blog.Β 

Image result for travelling clipart gif

I have a few EXCITING ones already for 2019 and I know you all are going to be blessed by it in a very profound and spirit filled way. I’ll still be carrying out the usual categories but they’ll be advancing as well! Alongside with new taglines/logo’s/banners/themes, you name the rest! πŸ˜€Β 

Image result for new gif

So I’m writing this early farewell post from early, to just let you guys know! I’ll be stopping by ONLY as a reader/commentator LOL! But there will be no posts from me during the months of Jan-Feb 2019. I’ll be back on March 1st.Β 

Image result for hello march  gif

And if I don’t come back? Well….I’ve retired and gone on a trip to retain our runaway pets! AHAHA! Jussssttt kidding! πŸ˜›Β 

Image result for well that wasn't funny gif

How so? LOL!Β 

Welp, have a blessed, safe and VICTORIOUS December in Jesus Name and I look forward to seeing you all again in March 2019!!!! (As if I ever seen you in reality before ahaha!) πŸ˜₯ LOL! But one day…who knows πŸ˜‰Β 

Blessings, peace and love!!!!!Β 

Until then NEVER forget to….




^Of course you know by now that the GIFS are not mines. HAHA!Β 
^And the closing cover is mines. LOL!Β 


Inactivity and Countless Awards…

SoΒ  here I am 2:24AM on my bedside with my teddies clasped under my arms as my fingers tap against the immobile mobile, here to explain some ah, things?

As you can tell I’m not really that active on ze blog, or leaving my ever so hype and humorous/encouraging comments on your lovely blogs.

You see the thing is that you’re writing skills haven’t died. I hope not 😦 lol of course not hehe… πŸ˜€

WHAT was I saying? Oh right, the reason why I’ve gone ghost on y’all is because I need some time for myself to get what needs to be done away from my young months of blogging.

I’m SO busy this month! I got ah dozen songs to sing, an upcoming wedding, a niece to tutor, a nephew to help study for his upcoming exams, meetings and so.Much.More!

Oh de other hand I’ve been nominated for numerous awards from since the year began! I bless God for that and thanks much guys, but to be honest I can’t complete them all, I just can’t I’m being honest here. I’ll try my best to complete what I can πŸ™‚ no love lost right?

So that’s basically my life update thus far. And yes I’m still on wordpress, I in gone no way allyuh (Trini accent back for a lil second lol) πŸ˜‰

I’ll be back to catching up with you all pretty soon. God bless and much love with the love of Jesus Christ ❀ adΓ­eu!


Of course I miss you guys! 😦 lol! Ok I need some sleep now! Ah gone!