100 Questions Tag…..71-80

71) Think fast, what do you like right now?

Da music that’s playing on my radio!!!!! Whoop! Whoop! 😀 Let’s dance!!!!! 

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You better keep up now! Cuz this island gal got moves! LOLOL!!! 

72) Are you sarcastic?

Are you sarcastic right now?

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HAHAHA! Of course I am….. 

73) What time do you get up?

LATE! I sleep late, I get up late, I eat late, I’m currently writing this blog post late….did I say late? I really need to start working on my punctuality guys!!!! HELP ME 😦 LOL!!! 

74) What was the name of your first pet?

My family’s first pet that is…I can’t remember since most of them ran away :/ can’t believe they didn’t leave their own names behind 😦 hmmm…. 

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LOLOL!!!! I kid her name was Minty and she was a dog who loved catching pebbles and mangoes from our tree (which died from a hill fire 😦 ) who ran inside our bedroom from de explosion of fireworks and comforted one when they were sad! SHE WAS THE BEST DOG EVER! I still miss her sometimes :/ oh and she never ran away like ze other pets lol!!!! 

Related imageShe looked somewhat like this…. ❤

75) What color are your sheets?

Definitely not in my fav color :/ (that is pink of course)….hold on lemme go check…..

Image result for 10 hours later gifOh, hey there! Oh haha! Right that question…I totally forgot you man but the color is Thistle (a light shade of purple) with some sort of green plants on it lol!!! 

76) How are you feeling right now?

Energetic, peaceful and hungry 😦 ….. *sighs* ze struggle of a foodie!!! 

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77) What was your favorite food as a child?


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Why would you ask that when you know I’m hungry man! 😦 lolzz!!! I don’t think I really had a fav dish as a child tho but I really liked my Dad’s Cowheel soup!!! Its a local cuisine here on de islands ❤ 

Related image

Would you look at that beauty? ❤ isn’t she gorgeous? Think I’m gonna pay my Dad a so long deserved visit! LOLOL!!! 

78) Can you whistle?

More like trying to consume breeze….I tried so hard but always…come on troll take it away…..

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79) Do you drink soda?

When I was younger. 

80) Have you read the harry potter series?

NOPE!!! Never did. Never will. 

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Get lost kid lol 😀 LOLOL!!!!

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Oh hey Rufus ❤ he says, “I LOVE YOU!” LOL!! Continue to show him da love guys! ❤ 


100 Questions Tag…31-40

31) Is there anything you’re disappointed about?

The way how people within my community loves dumping rubbish on the street! I mean come on! There’s dustbins RIGHT THERE!!!! It really turns me off!!! 

32) What was the last thing you bought?

KFC!!!!!! 😀

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33) Sun or rain?

I’ll say both, since its the only two weathers/seasons we experience on de islands ❤ 

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Living on islands are beautiful ❤ 

34) Would you rather go bungee jumping or skydiving?

Skydiving!!!! Woohoo!!!! 

35) What’s your zodiac sign?

Cancer 🙂 

36) What’s your hair color?

It appears black, but its not really black. Its like a sort of golden brown. 

37) What quote do you live by?

I live daily by these spiritual quotes ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 

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❤ …..

38) What’s your favorite zoo animal?

I have no idea lol! I haven’t been to the zoo for ions lol! But for now I’ll go with Giraffes and Seals 🙂 

39) Do you have any pets?

I never really owned a pet though, most of them would belong to my other family members! We had like a lot of dogs while growing up! (They have departed years now) 😦 My oldest sister had hamsters and they ran away, we brought a snail home and he ran away too…like what?!?! I mean they were all pampered with love and fed daily….any-who’s my niece and nephew have pet turtles. They’d a couple Angela and Thomas! And guess what? Me and my Mom caught Angela trying to escape from the aquarium today!!!!! :/ 

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Anyways…I ❤ dogs! Huskies are my fav and I’m going to purchase one very soon! Let’s hope he doesn’t runaway LOL!!!!!

 Image result for white huskies with blue eyes

Awwwwwwwwwwww! ❤ 

40) What color are your eyes?

When I was a child they were dark brown, but as I grew older they became brown 🙂 lol!

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100 Questions Tag…21-30

21) Have you ever had to have surgery?

Nope. Never!

22) Do you enjoy school?

I never really liked school that much lol! I’m being honest though 🙂 

23) What do you think of these questions so far?

Awesomeness LOL! 

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24) Are you a righty or a lefty?


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25) Who made the last incoming call on your phone?

My mommy ❤ I love you Mommy ❤ 

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26) What is the last thing you downloaded onto your computer?

Pictures for my ongoing Glam Model Series! 🙂 yes, I write Stories too as well! 

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27) Last time you swam in a pool?

Hmm…about 7 years ago!!!! Wow! LOL! I wasn’t really swimming though more like just paddling my feet or partially floating lol!!! 😀 

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HAHAHA! Ok, let’s be honest here I can’t swim ok! There you have it! But I’m willing to learn 🙂 

28) Type of music you dislike most?

Music that disrespects a woman! You know, like those explicit ones I hear when I enter in a taxi so on so forth! It just turns me off!! 

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29) Are you listening to music right now?

Yes in my head LOL! And that song is The Happy Song by my sweetheart Jamie Grace ❤

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30) What’s your favorite color?

PINK!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 

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100 Questions Tag…more like ten!

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Sup guys!
So my bestie put me up for this challenge and to be honest, I won’t be able to answer all today, due to my busy schedule. So, I’ll be posting 10 a day as best as I can for this week! I’m really gonna try my best to 🙂

Thanks much Dee for the tag/challenge ❤ 

So, as we would say here in Trinidad….LEH WE GO!!! which translates to let’s go! 🙂 

1) What’s your favorite season?


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2) Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, and find line 4.

No Boundaries by Diana Tyler ❤ 

Jai: (Raises his eyebrows) Really? 

3) Who was the last person you texted?

My cousin Nick 🙂 …oh wait, that was last night? 😀

5) What is the last thing you watched on TV?

I don’t really watch TV but while chatting on my mobile last night, I glanced at the screen and saw some local documentation about a guy who was addicted to drugs and now he’s drug free was showing 🙂

6) Without looking, guess what time it is.

I’m sorry, I looked at the time. It says 5:23 PM! 

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7) Now look at the clock–what time is it?

I already looked at it, so the last answer henceforth retorts to your question lol!!! 😀

8) With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?

My sister praying ❤ , birds chirping, my nephew’s drilling, my fingers typing, my radio talking and some neighbor’s HIP-HOP music playing! Ayyyeee! (download on iTunes today lol) 

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9) Do you like fish?

Yes I do! But the thing is do fish like me? 

Related image

10) Mac or PC?

Mac and cheese or PC of Mac and cheese? 

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Haha! Just kidding, its PC! 😀

Well, there you have it! Your first top ten questions from the Tag! Stay tune for the daily updates! God bless 🙂