And despite de struggles…

Let each song speak to you as it did for me ❤ on…


One out of my fav local artiste from my home islands for he sings about the daily trials one faces as a follower of Christ. We all have a testimony and a story to tell about God’s saving grace and goodness over our life’s. God is sooooooooooo good and he truly deserves to be glorified highly! 

Since this song is about testimonies let me testify real quick! I was 16 years old when I was stung by a beetle I didn’t even know I was allergic to. My entire body was covered in red itching and stinging rash! I felt as if my body was engulfed in FIRE! My face was swollen so badly, I couldn’t even see that clearly and my eyes were concealed under the swollen skin due to the venom of that insect. I was rushed to the hospital and immediately was sedated with I think was insulin or some very strong ascetic that caused my heart to beat so fast. The doctors couldn’t even find my vein for they said my skin was too thick for back then I was more solid than I am now, so I was injected THREE times! Yes, three! 

That night, I was placed in a room with two other patients. I wasn’t saved yet but I had always believed in God and always had very strong FAITH in Him. I knew I was dying. I said to myself well this is it. I’m going to die. I know I was between life and death for while I laid on that bed and prayed profoundly I felt my spirit slowly departing from my body and instantly I saw a huge hand stretching down out of a white cloud and my hands was reaching up towards it very slowly…it was such a beautiful moment and sight to see, and I still recall up to this day! 😀 

As I reached closer to hold unto his hand, I felt so peaceful and just you know like really free from EVERYTHING life had thrown at me from that tender age! I never felt that way before! But then his hand disappeared and my eyes opened. It was like he was saying to me back then, not now my child…I’m not ready for you yet. And now today  after 6 years I’m here alive and well and living for Him! How amazing is my GOD! Now I see why he wasn’t ready for me back then 😀 WOW! He’s really the AUTHOR of my story! ❤ 

And that’s why…..


*Translation check:- (De) pronounced as D means (the) in Trini. 
Ah- Means (of) in this instance for how he utilized it within the song. 
Yay-ah- Means yes in this instance. In most of his songs he says that, its sort of like his landmark so you’ll know who the artiste is before you hear the song. (I’m not good at explaining sometimes *fictitiously chortles*)  

Sorry for writing your lyrics somewhat wrong Nathanael LOL! One more thing we Trinidadians have the tendency of speaking and singing fast, so if you don’t understand what he’s saying just simply slow it down from off your phone or in your head I guess? Ah, no worries, you’ll get it! 😉 



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No longer a slave…

Blessed Evening to all and welcome back to…



When we are made new in His image we are no longer slaves bonded to sinfulness. God hasn’t given us a spirit of FEAR but one of POWER, LOVE and a SOUND MIND. There are many of us including myself as believers battle with that unwanted spirit of fear! Like seriously? Uh…yes! This song which this lyrical quote derives from really spoke to me and let me know that hey…You’re no longer a slave to fear for now you are made new and its not you who lives but Christ (Whose fearless) lives in you! 

Daily as I grow closer to the King I recognized that, that fearfulness is being cut off. Hey we are ALL a work in progress alright, ain’t nobody better or perfectier (I know its not a word but that’s ok) than anybody. So next time that lying spirit of fear arise shout…..SQS5


Until then…



Have a blessed and fruitful week! ❤ 

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Another quote awaits you from…


Where each s-“ I think you guys should know the watchwords by now haha! 

How has your Sunday been thus far and what you ate? LOL! 😀 

This one is for all my brother and sisters out there who may be feeling like the entire world is falling down on your head. You are never alone and even when you feel like, SING PRAISES TO OUR KING! Make noise in the old defeated serpent’s ear and rebuke his lies by the LIVING TRUTH (The Word of God!) 


Psalm 47:6 Sing praises to God, sing praises; sing praises to our King, sing praises!

Have a victorious week ahead in Jesus Name, AMEN! Until then…


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Same Sunday, Different Song…

A blessed Sunday to all in Jesus Name! ❤ and welcome back to…


Where each song speaks to you as it does for me ❤ 

How was your week? 

May this second song/quote deriving from my twin island home, be a blessing to you! Much love ❤ 



Have a safe and terrific week ahead, until then…


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Welcome one and all to…


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Let each song speak to you as it does for me ❤ 

Yes, this is new and I’ll be updating it every Sunday of each month. 

I love when a song speaks directly to my heart, soothes my mind and convicts me. And these songs from my gospel playlist definitely do those roles well! The quote/lyric that I pulled from out of each is what really spoke to me deeply. 

Enjoy quote/song one deriving from CeCe Winans 🙂 



Have a wonderful week ahead, until then…


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JAMBO! Habari za asubuhi! Uko tayari kusifu YESU? 😀

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No, your’e not! It’s called Swahili and it translates; HELLO! Good morning! Are you ready to praise JESUS? Are you? Well, I know I am! I love praising him always, even in the storms I’ll praise HIM! WOOO! 🎶

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This song whenever it comes on, on the radio I just stop what I’m doing and just start dancing and singing immediately! I actually made up a dance for it lol! An entire choreographed dance. Yes, I make up dances and love teaching them to my niece Kabrina ❤ I’m thinking about joining the church dance group soon…gotta give this talent back to my Creator 🙂 …any-who’s enough about me lol and back to praising! 

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The artiste is not from Africa. He derives from our beautiful sister isle of Tobago 🙂 by the name Keylon Whitlock. It’s an Afro-Caribbean praise song. Here we are known for our large display of diversification. We sing all different genres of music intertwining it with ah lil (a little) taste of our island rhythm. This song will keep you dancing on your feet, praising the Almighty for hours! HE DESERVES IT! 


Keylon Whitlock! 😀

Artiste:-Keylon Whitlock
Song Title:- Higher. 
Meaning:- Lifting the praises higher and higher and higher to our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST! Praises, praises, praises!!!!!! 

*Translation check:- Ah cudda (mentioned in the song) means I could of…in Trini lol. 


Hope you enjoyed how we island people praise/worship Jesus 😉 blessings and love always! ❤ 

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