Bravo! Ze Piano!

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Oh but I’ve only started to enjoy it! 😦

Welcome one and all to another new art piece reveal! I know its been a while since I’ve updated this category that kick-started the blog. I’ll try my best to update it as much as possible 🙂 

So with that being said, this piece doesn’t really belong to a collection but at the end of its production, I found it quite unique when comparing the other pieces. I noticed a guy raising his hand airborne while the other remain behind the large musical instrument. The piano! ❤ (my fav after le violins 🙂 ) 

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Let’s reveal ze art-piece shall we? Yes! 





Colors utilized:- Neon heat and dark purple.
Art Technique:- Finger painting.

WOW! I’m amazed all the time the images/messages God depicts through these beautiful pieces! 😀 Whatever talent God has given you (like the guy in the art) please give it back to him for his honor and glory! It belongs to him after all ❤ 


Until then, seek God daily and love endlessly! Much love and…

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Dancing in the stars!

dancing in the stars

Dancing in the stars


I feel like dancing,

Dancing in the stars

Meet my partners,

Venus, Saturn and Mars

Tonight we unit side by side,

Dancing for the judges

Here they are,

The moon

The sun,

And lastly Mother nature

It’s time to choose our dance,

Salsa, cha-cha-cha and maybe


The lights are on,

It’s officially time to perform

I throw my hands in the air,

And tilted unequally balanced unto my feet

And I spin like I never spin before,

Until Venus rather shy looked already sore

As I dance carelessly upon the moor,



Just dance

In the mid hours of four,

I danced

I pranced,

My feet beating upon the sandy shore

We want more!!

We want more!!

The judges succumbed,

The audience of stars whistled and cheered from above

I sway to the left,

And then to the right

Removing my dancing partner out of sight,

He couldn’t keep up any longer

The moon smiled more bright,

As I ended my dance in a posing strike

I ended my night,

Scoring 100 points

Dazzling through nature’s skies,

Take a bow




Written by,
Tameika George.

Author’s Note:- You all should know by now I’m a nature lover and my imagination is pretty out of this world! 😀 I love having fun while writing most of my poems. It depends on the conception of it of course. This one was inspired by stars/space of course and yes….(I wrote of course 2x well this makes it 3x now) and yup, I was the one dancing haha! Hmm…guess I should of signed up for Dancing with the “stars” after all :/ LOLOL! 

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WHATTTT? Lolol!!! 


Poetic facts!
^All covers for my poems are done by me 🙂 
^Most of my poems are between the ages of 2-3 years old haha! 😉 

Blessings and Bonne nuit! ❤ 

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Your Questions; My Answers!

Goooooddddddd Evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to…

ask me

Answering your questions edition!! I forget to add that…but wait…I just did! 😛 think I’ll make a separate banner for that! 

Thanks to everyone that asked and to those who asked late I’ll answer them in episode #2! 😀 


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Alright Canada I see you,I see you LOLOL!!! 

YOUR ANSWERS ARE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s get to know TAMMY!!!!! Yayyyy!!!! 😀 

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Question #1 derives from my Canadian brother at dfolstad58 blog which is:- Do you have anything collect as a hobby? 

 ANSWER:- Is laughing a collective hobby? Nah, I don’t think so, but I guess it will be taking photos of nature. Wherever I go be it around de islands or just in my backyard I LOVE snapping photos of plants, buildings, trees (sometimes people when they volunteer me for a minute job whenever I’m out haha!) but mainly nature cause I love God’s grandeur A LOT and like being around it all the time. ❤ 

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Question #2 comes from my poetic sister from Thought for Change blog that is:- What is your favorite song? 

ANSWER:- Hmmmmmmm…. Oh sorry darling that’s NOT my favorite song to make but its quite popular, I’m sure you heard it before. LOL! To be honest I have no idea-…..justttt kidding. The song I’m really loving right now is Lauren Daigle new single called “You Say” ❤ I love songs that minsters to my heart and helps me draw closer to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ<3 I believe that every believer and non-believer should listen to this song. Lauren…YOU DID IT AGAIN GIRL! 

And no she isn’t a “Christian Adele” :/ too many believers are titling her by that and its just not right! You needs to stop. She is a child of God. 

Question #3 came from my sweet sister in Christ kylieceline over at Kylie’s Corner and More blog which is:- What led you to start a blog? 

ANSWER:- The Holy Spirit of God and my bestie. She always used to encourage me to open one and I was somewhat avoiding it haha and low and behold one day while I was producing art the Lord spoke to me about creating a blog concerning art only and well BOOM! That was it. He have His way and well He’s doing AWESOME things through it. ❤ 

Question #4 was asked by my married self for myself LOL! I’m just joking but this new sister of mines recently followed the blog and she has my name aha! Tamie Jones asked:- What are three qualities you love about yourself? 

ANSWER:- Haha! Ouuuuuu I love my sense of HUMOR as you can see! My jolly spirit and humility. I really love my laughter too as well and most times I laugh at myself with myself LOLOL! I’m an encourager as well, I love encouraging others A LOT! ❤ I have a heart for children too…did I mention that? Any who’s…that’s enough! 

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Question #5 from my Virginian brother Lloyd at lloyd’slensphotography llc asked:- What is your most used scripture? 

ANSWER:- Wow! I have so many but recently the one I’m clinging unto these days are Proverbs 3:5  Trust in the Lord with ALL thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. 

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Question #6 was asked by my friendly and talented brother Shantanu Baruah that is:- What is the most outrageous dare you have done in your life? 

ANSWER:- Let’s see…hmm I don’t think I have accomplished that yet Shan 😦 lol but I’m I willing to? Ah, well you’ll have to wait and see! 😀 but if you have one in mind for me to do, inform me ya? HAHA! 

Question #7 comes from my lovely and humble sister in Christ believe4147 blog:- What would you like us to know about you and why? 

ANSWER:- Oh dear! What a coincidence! Hahaha! Well, whatever you guys will love to know about me. Be it about my country, family, race, hair type, food choice, the reason for our pets running away ahaha!!!! Art…you know de basics lol! And why…because you all are my family away from my family ❤ 

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You’re welcome LOL! 😀 

Question #8 derives from my other sis in Christ T.R. Noble which is:- What has been one of your favorite post and why? 

ANSWER:- Girllllllllll lol I LOVE ALL MY POSTS! I don’t think I have fav one at all 😀 and why? Because I have a passion for the things of Jesus and people you know. And I love doing what God is allowing me to do through this blog because its for his honor and glory and I just love knowing that I can shine my light through the blog so that others will see that He lives in me and that there is still HOPE. ❤ 

Question #9 was asked by my brother Warren Richards who loves the Lord and loves writing about His Eternal loveeeeee all the time, which I loveeeee lol did I mention LOVE? Any who’s here is Le question:- 

What is your favorite book in the Bible? 
ANSWER:- THE BOOK OF PSALMS ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Gosh, David wrote this book for me. I swear! Image result for book of psalms gif

Question #10 asked by my ONE and only bestie/sister in Christ Diana Tyler across at Eccentric Muse ❤ which is:- What is your favorite dish to make? Like if she doesn’t know this :/ LOL! 

ANSWER:- Ok so she doesn’t know so that’s why I’m going to give her de answer now lol. Well I guess it will have to be dumplings with salt fish or anything that is succulent. I really love dumplings! ❤ I like my dishes to be unique so hence the reason why I in-cooperate foreign recipes with our local meals we deliciously prepare here on de islands 😉 Related image

OH. MY. GOODNESS! Would you look at this beauty? ❤ 

Questions 11,12 and #13 haha was asked by one of my recent members of ze family from Crystal and Daisy Mae blog. She was so super excited to ask me and said she has 3 more questions to ask haha…Crystal I guess you really wanna know me girllll 😀 

#11 Why did you start blogging?
Because God wanted me to and now and I see why ❤ 

#12 When did you start blogging? 
Erm…on de 14th of September 1993 ahaha lol just kidding, I wasn’t even born yet! But I started blogging on the 14th of September, 2017 up till now. 

#13 What or who inspired you to blog? 
GOD/INSPIRED/ART (blog title) Got it? God and Art inspired me to blog. Through His inspiration my art is produced. 🙂 Would you look at how He orchestrated that? ❤ 

Welp, that brings us to de end of episode one of this series! Thank you very much for asking all ze lovely questions and I know my answers pleased you hehe! God bless and…


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Previously on Brina’s Art Corner…..

So….I heard it exists.

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My reaction haha! 😀 

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Brina’s response….. 😦 

Well hello strangers, I mean all lol! Welcome back to BRINA’S ART CORNER! WHERE ORDINARY IS EXTRAORDINARY! Or where artistry is….is….oh well never mind, let’s leave the watchwords for another time around, for I am very, very tired right now while writing this episode! 😦

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Its not 3, not 2 but…ONE KINGDOM! Where? In Brina’s fav location the galaxy lol! Her imagination surprises me a lot sometimes! What’s that saying again? Like Aunty like niece? No? Ok then, lol let’s reveal ze art-piece shall we!

This piece derives from Brina’s galaxial collection ❤



Colors utilized:- Dark purple, neon heat, dark red and barracuda.
Art technique:- Water intermingle/ dip and pull.(Brina finger-painted the middle of this piece which she calls the black hole lol)
Additional applicant:- Purple, green and I think sliver glitters 😀

God bless and take care!

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Brina: You know He’s coming right? 

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Brina’s classmates expression… 

Related image

Brina: Get ready!  Time is running out. 




Hey ya’ll!👋Its me Tammy and WELCOME ONE AND ALL TO THE OFFICIAL LAUNCH OFAFRO PRAISE MONDAYZwhere I’ll be sharing some of my favorite African Gospel music every first and last Monday of each month! WHERE ALL MY PEOPLE WHO LOVE AFRICAN MUSIC AT?!!?!! 🎶

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Ah have moves allyuh!!!!! LOL! 😀 💃🎶

Related image


I just love dancing! And I especially LOVEEEEEE how my AFRICAN PEOPLE DANCE, PRAISE AND WORSHIP GOD! YESSSSSSSSS!!!!! ❤ 🔥🔥🔥

Related image


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I know this catenewbie wasn’t on my list for this year when I revealed them on new years day but things just happen lol! So my first release is from my all time fav African Gospel artiste Mr. Frank Edwards! Woooooo! 👏

Related image

Frank Edwards. 😎

This young minster of God is on FIRE for Jesus! The Holy Spirit is upon him and his music I tell you! ALL his songs just truly moves upon my heart and  feet! Haha! I love praising and worshiping God! And when I do, I give him my all! Ain’t got no time for no lukewarmness round here! JESUS give his ALL for me on Calvary! So, I’m gonna give him what he truly deserves! You gotta be on FIRE for JESUS church! WOOOOOO!!!!! 💃🔥🔥🔥 

Enjoy and GOD bless you all! ❤

Artiste:- Frank Edwards 
Song:- Under the Canopy. 
Meaning:- God’s endless love, mercy and grace towards us! 



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Awww thank you, thank you so much guys lol! 😀

In this series I’ll be portraying art of my island’s natural beauty God has blessed it with! {And also some of de islands culture/food/fashion/events,etc.}which we locals here most of the time take for granted and always rather appreciate the beauty of other countries. Now don’t give me wrong but all continents are beautiful and I can’t wait to see them in reality and all that stuff butttt I love my island and she’s very picturesque and has a lot of hidden gems to discover! As the old saying goes….There’s NO place like home ❤ 🇹🇹🌴🌊✨💙

Related imageImage result for Trinidadian for life gif


Photos:- Taken/cut out from Ins and Outs of Trinidad & Tobago 2018. 
Art Technique:- Finger paint. 
Colors utilized:- Neon heat around Hummingbird 1, Wild at Heart around Hummingbird 2, Color 13 around Hummingbird 3 and Dark red and orange around the Scarlet Ibis. 
Additional Applicant:- Some shiny form of décor I borrowed from my deceased Christmas tree lol! 😂😂


^ Here in  Trinidad and Tobago there are 482 bird species!😱 
^Trinidad’s national bird is featured in the art piece above! 😍 Can you guess which one is it? 😏 Of course you can’t because I haven’t told you lol!😆 Its the red one! The Scarlet Ibis ❤ 

God bless and…

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me and dee lol

This is soooooo me and Dee….sometimes ahaha!!!!! ❤


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Ain’t we cute? 😂😅❤

Let’s get straight into these questions shall we? Yes? Then let’s gooooooooooooooo!!! 😀



Related image


1. Your besties fav color?

Blue eyes!!!! Its sooooo blue hahaha! Not her eyes of course lolol!!! 😀

2. What he/she dislikes?

Matching outfits, chocolate cake or I think she doesn’t consume it? Loud music through headphones, surprises, selfies, talking about herself, boring books, hugs or is it touching? lol  stereotypes and many other things I simply don’t know or just can’t recall! 😀 

Image result for BRUH clipart gif

3. What he/she loves?

 She loves Jesus ✝💕, The Bible💞, her family, then me lolol ❤ and maybe you ahaha…writing, purchasing/collecting books, reading books lol, tiramisu, France ❤ she’s a Francophile ya’ll <3, football, Tom Cruise haha :D, black and white photos/black and white patterns on clothes, taking photos, sweaters, zips, travelling, law, coffee and me…again!!! 😀 

Related image

She’s a princess to me ahaha ❤ love u girl ❤

4. Fav food?

Local, foreign or just overall? 

Image result for annoyed gif

HAHAHA! Ok, ok imma just say it…chicken alfredo and saltfish with dumplings! ❤

5. What does he/she do in their free-time?

 Read, write, surf the web, save pictures for upcoming stories, chat with me (obviously lol) cook, clean, read blogs, sleep (somewhat lol), listen to music, plan and schedule stuff for her blog and for upcoming writing projects, Bible studies and goes out with me ahaha! 

6. Fav books of the Bible?

Songs of Solomon, Proverbs and Matthew? Ahaha! Dee please say that I’m accurate about this? 😦 

Image result for songs of solomon gif

7. Color of eyes?

Brown! Just like mines aha! ❤

8. Fav story you ever read from him/her? 

WOOOO! You know I’m not gonna list just one!!! Sanctimonious (where I starred as a detective), Sing (where I starred as a singer), Rather Random and Obsédé. 

Related image

TRUE THATTTTTT!!!!!!! YASSSSS!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 

Related image

9. Future trips/adventures in and out of de islands?

On de islands (our home) 🌴South trip to the beautiful San Fernando Hills, Tucker Valley, boat tour to Gasparee Caves and Chachachacare Island ❤ 

Out of de islands (not home or away) Tobago ❤ our sister isle, Barbados and St. Marten or Martinique 😉 some one of those lol 😀 

Related image

Gasparee Caves Trinidad 😍🇹🇹🐬🌴🌊 

Related image

Tucker Valley, Trinidad 🌲🌿🌸🍂🌞🌎🇹🇹🌴💯
Can’t you just see yourself relaxing in our natural, transparent pool adorned by hemispheric bamboo’s, melodious chirping birds and the beaming Caribbean sun? Then what are you waiting  for? 

Image result for money gif

Oh…right…that…just remembered you guys aren’t from de islands like my bestie and I where we can experience it for free ahaha! 😀 OK, Imma shutup and continue to show da pics… 

Image result for san fernando hill trinidad

San Fernando Hills, Trinidad ❤ ….the rock looks like a baby dinosaur lol ❤ 💞🇹🇹🌴🌸🍃💯👌👒🎒

Birds eye view of Chacachacare salt pond...or corbeaux eye view if you want to call it that 🦅 . . . . . #beachvibe #visitTrinidad #travelphotographer #palmtrees #vlog #youtuber #seascape #dronephoto #dronephotography #mavicpro #lifestyle #dailyoverview #lifestyleblogger #dronestagram #roughsea #aerialphotography #stormwatch #caribbeanlife #aroundtheworldpix #landscape #intsadaily #vacation #traveler #instatravel #natgeo #ttunseen #dronefly

Chachachacare Island, Trinidad ❤ by Tarique Eastman 🙂 you can see Venezuela from this island and also dolphins! 🌊🐬🌴🌞💟🇹🇹👒🎒🌸😍

10. How often do you talk with him/her?

I talk to Dee EVERY. SINGLE. DAY our Savior keeps us alive ❤ aha! 

11. How often do we argue?

I’m sorry. The answer you are looking for is unavailable at the  moment…next question please…hahaha!!!! 😀 

Related image

What’s there to argue about? We’re sisters in Christ after all ❤ 

12. Fav actor?


Related image

Ooooooooooooo….looks like somebody’s happy to finally meet my bestie!!!! 😉 ayyyeeee!!! LOL! 😀 

Welp, that brings us to de end of episode one!!!! Thanks for joining me!!! Head over to my bestie’s blog and see how much she knows me by answering these same questions!!!! Until then God bless and stay sweet!!! Much love, byes!!! xxoo ❤ 

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Image result for best friends saying goodbye clipart gif

You are what you eat right? Dee and I in human form lololol!!! ❤ 


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^All photos and GIFS used are NOT mines. ⚠