Afro 4

As this world continues to get darker may we lean and stand more firmly on the Word and the promises of GOD.

This song was released in the midst of the virus outbreak worldwide and it continues to be relevant prior the ending days of this sinful age.

May we praise Him in both the good and terrible times.

Psalm 30:5 KJV For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life: Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.

Be blessed and stay anchored in Christ our soon returning SAVIOUR!!!

Artist: Frank Edwards

Song Title: ME.

Afro 3

It’s another blessed day to give Praises to the Mighty God of Righteousness! Hahaha! And boy I’m I always excited to do so haha! Wooooooo! I love HIM!

As long as we have breathe we are to Praise the LORD. The dead cannot praise Him.

I love this offering cause it reminds us to give God our best in all that we do unto Him and yes by giving Him wholesome praises which includes every part of our being and bodies! My hands must praise Him, my feet, my whole body and all that I am! WOOOOO! This is deep!

You guys may wanna stand on your feet for this one because it’s about to get PRAISE WORTHY!!!!

Blessings and great grace to you all! Much love! βœ¨πŸ’•

Artist: Sammie Okposo.

Song Title: Sing Hallelujah.

Afro 2


This song has blessed me and will always continue to. I believe this is my favorite offering from our sister in Christ Jesus.

She expresses her deep and pure love for the LORD for what He has done.

ALL of us can relate to that in one way or another. God is so amazing and I will always be in AWE of Him in regards to what He has done and what He continues to do for His righteousness sake’s.

He really do loves us.

The entire song is written and sang in the Akwa-Ibom language which makes it more beautiful and allows me to learn the language more easier and also acknowledging the fact that we can bring Him worship in all the different languages and guess what? He understands them ALL! πŸ™ŒπŸ’–

Be blessed and continue to seek GOD daily and love endlessly.

Artist: Mercy Chinwo.

Song: UDEME.

7:28 PM

Welcome back tooooooooooooo…..

Wow I’ve missed this hahaaaaa! I totally forgot how to do it so I had to go back to previous posts to help get back the gist of it! πŸ˜‚

Any who……let’s get into it!

Remember the scripture most correspond with the time equivalently!

Time 7:28PM Luke 7:28 : For I say unto you, Among those that are born of women there is not a greater prophet than John the Baptist: but he that is least in the kingdom of God is greater than he.

Selah. God bless ❀

I gladly await your submissions in the comments! πŸ™πŸΌ

Blessed Sabbath!

Afro 1

Welcome to a blessed New Monday where we Praise the LORD with sweet Spirit filled African melodies!! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ˜

This song is truly inspired by the Holy Spirit through this powerful woman of God Mercy Chinwo.

I can relate to the message in this song in may ways because truly GOD IS THE LIFTER of man and He had lift me out of so much dunghills I had been thrown into that caused me a lot of pain and brokenness and I many times I had cried literally unto the LORD and He lifted me out of them ALL!

My FAITH was restored, relationships, my heart was mended and I continue to become stronger in Him, with Him and by Him ❀

Be Blessed and continue to worship the Most High God of Righteousness in spirit and in truth!

Artist: Mercy Chinwo

Song Title: LIFTER.

🀲🏼Afro Praise is BACK!🀲🏼

Anytime we call upon the name of the LORD He answers and He never fails us.

This song goes in depth of the Creator’s power when we call upon Him.

What a great and mighty God we serve.

Be blessed and do enjoy!

Artist: Fido Cleff

Song Title: NA YOU.

The Whitehouse Vision

This vision was given to me I believe in the first week of August or September to be specific from the Lord. It was terrifying and in one way or more troubled my soul.

I saw before in the spirit large, blinding thunder bolts smiting the ground from the sky that surrounded the whitehouse in anger. They were so angry I tell you. They kept striking the earth continuously as I saw balls of fire started to pour down from the sky as they smote the Whitehouse COMPLETELY destroying it chaotically. I stood and watched on as I saw each room within the house destroyed into nothingness. It was really sad and terrible. God then confirmed to me in the spirit that, that was His wrath and the leaders will be in that fire and they will die. I was terrified but not surprised. The short vision ended there.

There’s a great judgement directly from the Lord that is going to fall upon America and the entire world will be affected terribly by it. This judgement is seen within the Books of Jeremiah chapter 50 & 51 also in the Book of Revelation chapters 17, 18 etc.

God is holy and just. He hates sin. He is ever compassionate, full of mercies, forgivenesses , peace & graciousness. But He is also the Righteous Judge that is very fair and stern with His justice that is carried out by His Word. The wicked He will judge and cut off from the land. He also judges the righteous too as well when we turn away from Him and go back out into sinfulness and refuse not to repent, we will be judged.

Lord I lift all the nations before you right now in Jesus name. Lord heal each state, city, district, village and home within them. Cleanse it from sin and turn hearts that will come to know you as their personal Lord & Savior. Thank you for the beautiful gift of your Salvation! All glory to you forever O King of Righteousness in Jesus name. Amen.

Song #5

We Worship You

I’ll be breaking down what each verse means within this offering unto the Lord verse by verse. So that you’ll get the true message behind it and know it’s not “just a song” for entertainment nor be in vain.

Ooohhh Lord we worship you *sang Γ—2*

We kneel *sang Γ—4* {Reverence before the Lord at His throne, position to pray}

Lord we worship you *sang Γ—2*

We lay at your feet *sang Γ—4* {Acknowledgement unto the Lord, knowing who He is & His superiority over us/mankind}

Lord we worship you *sang Γ—2*

We confess *sang Γ—4* {Repentance, repenting of/from sin before the Lord}

Ooohhh Lord we worship you *sang Γ—2*

We wait *sang Γ—4* {Bow our ear for His intrusions to carry out His will/work for the day.}


You are here *sang Γ—4* {Sensing of His presence.*

We are waiting *sang Γ—4* {Waiting for His response to our prayer.}

Ooohhh Lord we worship you.

Song concludes.

Inspired by God,

Written by Tameika George

Originally written on: 02/01/2020.

Quote 32

The cities of this world is built on evil. And that’s why God will execute His righteous judgement on them all. Yes, many will truly repent and come to Him before it happens but there will be a vast majority that won’t and yes we have to swallow that bitter pill of truth. My heart breaks for them who won’t and I pray that my unsaved family members won’t be apart of that group. God help us! Surrender to Christ now. The last trumpet is going to be blown sooner than you think. Hell is real as Heaven is. As I always say/end with….Your choice. Your destination.

Β© GodInspiredQuotes 2020-2021.

Fading Art Piece

Blessed Evening my friends! I know I rarely update this category that really started of the blog entirely and I know God has been pounding on my heart most recently to update it more regularly so Dad I’m obeying you. ❀

Most of these Art’s you’ll see here are not recent productions. Most of them were produced when I wasn’t working full time as I do now. That’s when God revealed a lot of deep things concerning His purpose and how He has called me to use His art pieces to carry out the Gospel.

It’s pretty amazing and I love the various spiritual office’s He has placed me in to work unto Him prior the edification of His kingdom. ❀

Art Inspired by: Isaiah 40:6-8

6 The voice said, Cry. And I said, What shall I cry? All flesh is grass, and all the goodilness thereof is as the flower of the field: 7 The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: because the spirit of the LORD bloweth upon it: surely the people is grass. 8 The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand forever.

Amen & Amen! You know the Lord really moved upon this piece and it lined up so perfectly with the scripture above. We are nothing. God is everything. The grass and flower represents man’s fragility and his temporality. He’s not going to be alive or on the earth forever. We all are just here for an appointed time. One day we will depart/die to be with our Lord and Savior Jesus. Our God-given beauty is not forever either. It will wither and fade away like the flower and the grass. But there’s One that doesn’t fade away nor doesn’t His word wither but it stands and remains forever like Him and that’s God. Thanks to God the Father and Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Lord for giving us everlasting life! One that wouldn’t fade nor wither. ❀

The colors that were used blended well with the message.

Colors utilized:- Purple, orange & light green.

Art type: chalk *dusted method* Extra applicant: none.

The background matched very well with everything that this piece was made up from. Thank you Lord! You are great! ❀ God bless and thank you for viewing, reading, commenting but most importantly praying for this ministry and for the worker behind it for God. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Blessings & peace to all.

Until then continue to…